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Why do most people that listen to David cherry-pick what he says?🤔


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2 hours ago, Joyfuleye said:

Where is the source of this painting of Jesus? It’s a very nice picture.

I just found it looking for a kind of Jesus painting in an images search. I can't remember the specific search words.

Yeah, I agree, it's a very lovely representation of the Rescue Operation. ALL Glory goes to GOD. Of Myself I Am nothing, with GOD I Am Everything.

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3 hours ago, Joyfuleye said:

Where is the source of this painting of Jesus? It’s a very nice picture.

If this helps?


Joseph Harry Anderson (August 11, 1906 - November 19, 1996) was an American illustrator and a member of the Illustrator's Hall of Fame. A devout Seventh-day Adventist artist, he is best known for Christian-themed illustrations he painted for the Adventist church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints



The image is on this page .... about half way down




This image ....




Harry’s photo reference for this painting (provided by Lars Justinen):




and no, I have no interest .... just read your posts and went to find it!

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  • 11 months later...

A year old Topic worth revisiting IMO... if only for the following reason AS BELOW... but Guardian is right, so many things are fixated on, and the press gang majority here on this forum seem to decide what everyone WILL undertake to LIKE (like it or not)_ 😔 by trying to deny the choice of others, 🙄 or simply forgetting that everyone has a choice and the majority push ahead not respecting that...  Well I won't specify what I feel about it in detail, but that is enough to paint the basic idea where if I DO believe in one thing or another I CAN, and for example as Guardian has tried to highlight he believes in the dark entities and feels that humans of the NWO are usually more the focus instead. One and the same thing if you ask me, but I really don't know to comment on Archons as Guardian mentions or whatever other dark entities he wished had more spotlight placed on it for investigation, but if you look at some of the posters in this thread, there are some efforts made to assess the situation on that score, which believe in any said topic or not, is good for diversifying opinion and the [different] ways we think anyhow! 🙂 


So, AS BELOW, is here...

I remember this thread by Guardian having re-found it, but beforehand (since some time has past) I did not remember who said my following search phrase.... But here we go.... and it was a bit surprising to see ONLY ONE thread with such a thought as depicted by the following search phrase, sooo I mean when you search (this forum/ this place is-) "not what I thought it would be" ~ then this is THE ONLY thread which pops up in the results.   


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Changed my mind, I will specify a little of why the forums are not necessarily equiped with the best common sense.... Here are two examples... based on my BROAD opinion, which means I have different ways of looking at topics, and not only one dimensional, or over-fixated by tropism and limited gear change etc.



Finishing now with a bit of Reflection and Food for Thought, for the people that don't necessarily swallow whole chunks of effectively force fed materials here (LOL) and don't always necessarily agree with every supposed dominant aspect of the band wagon mentality.

Sure some topics can light up the candle of what's in an individuals minds eye to explore, and other blunt renditions of certain topics won't seem rational for the bigger picture in some case.... and likewise (wherever truth maybe considered and in whatever context) other topics likewise could be considered an over-statement of fact, again in SOME case, climate change is too dicey to pin down as all conspiracy IMO....

And then as another example, people on this forum seem to like to imagine everyone in the world can to identified for example as a UI. I really think this term needs to stop being so parochial in it's approach as it extends and leeches out into the whole thinking based around certain topics on this forum, where blanket terms like that one seem too over-popular...  Therefore more than immediately seems reasonable or palatable for a balanced discussion in whatever field of scrutiny where such labels get attributed and over-used (in of itself a brain washing feedback loop by the members with something to push as though with hopes for remaining in cool school and perhaps deep down not respecting their own opinion or offering alternative outlooks which due to the in-house press gang gets trampled on and stifled out by the arrogance of those whom claim to know everything)_

Don't get me wrong, I realize there are many idiots in the world but the UI (useful idiot) one, seems about as useful as NPC or whatever dreamt up latest slogan that gets rolled out as blanket statement as if every person on the planet or as if all reasoning can be explained by such. Some types of behaviours in the world could have little to do with being an idiot (or Woke), etc, but rather maybe where education for some people doesn't exist at all. Full zombies in attendance, reads the teacher... So just as one example, is it really educational or smart to be using terms like UI ?? I know a thread exist featuring this phrase at present. It can be seen there to be like a multi glossary of various things UI could mean.... I mean, really?? Anyhow, this is why labelling things is not always smart, and nor is decimating the environment smart, all because of how Climate Change is perceived as another example.

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Why do most people that listen to David cherry-pick what he says?🤔


Because if you want to cover everything he said in Wembley it would be an all day conversation.

Hence only snippets, appropriate/relevant section needs to be told.

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On 12/19/2021 at 4:22 AM, Guardian said:



I came to this forum thinking that I will find the most awakened people on this planet right here.

How wrong was why.


Most people here cherry-pick what he says and ignore or pretend they don't hear the rest of what he says.

I am just wondering why?

I find it curious. 


You are all focusing on Governments, politicians, Jews, Cabal, Wokers, Illuminati, Media, Hollywood, Deep State.....etc

But not focusing on the ones behind it all. The dark entities that are actually in control of all of that. In control of everything.

Why is that?


Your mind is not ready? Afraid of what others think? What is it?


I see people all the time saying I have been listening to David for 20 years.... But if you listen to them, they really haven't. Only taken some of the things he says.

But not the MOST important thing. Imagine that.


Me personally, I found David about 1 or 2 years ago. After decades of frustration of nobody talking about this world being an illusion and controlled by dark entities.

It was such a load lifted off my shoulders. To know there is another that knows cos the rest of people live in La La Land.


It felt like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders. It was unbelievable. Such a relief.


And most people that have been listening to him for decades ignore the archons... And focus on the human collaborators. 

Not to mention the religious people here. Lol 


Praying to god? No, you're giving yourselves to the dark ones.


This forum is most definitely not what I thought it would be. 


99% of the people here are deep asleep. But better than most places. At least here, I haven't been called a Lunatic or most likely on drugs.🤣


You people have a long way to go to awakening. A long way.


Me personally, I wish you would hurry up. We got some dark ass to kick.


So, WAKE UP!!!

Fight the New World Order which according to you has God on their side. Yeah, okay buddy. 😂 If you question how a religious person could be on this forum you clearly haven’t read the Book of Enoch.

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On 12/19/2021 at 10:22 AM, Guardian said:



I came to this forum thinking that I will find the most awakened people on this planet right here.


I can say that Guardian was right on that point. Unfortunately he could not endure this forum. Whether Nature of Reality, Space & Universe or UFos & Aliens. Here you will find 'nothing' that can bring 'you' closer to the truth. It is always the same pattern. Flat earth believers who know nothing fight for their good cause against other dogma like that of Nasa. And the third group are UFO fanatics who, by the way, know 'nothing', who deliberately manifest their dogma. But it doesn't change the fact that alien are nothing more than angels. And both are based on misunderstanding of the phenomenon.

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