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Tuesday, 14th December 2021


The UK Government has used the claimed Covid-19 crisis (or pseudopandemic) to quietly establish all necessary components for a UK dictatorship. The construction phase is nearing completion and, unless the people engage in mass non-compliance and petition their representatives to stop it, the UK dictatorship will be in full force soon.

The Global Governance Dictatorship

A dictionary definition of “dictatorship” is:

Government by a dictator […] A country governed by a dictator […] Absolute authority in any sphere.

The British dictatorship is not unique. Its emergence has been mirrored in the US, EU member states and elsewhere. This is a global model of dictatorship run by a coalition of public and private organisations. National governments are the implementing partners.

The nebulous structure of the Global Public-Private Partnership (G3P) makes political opposition to it almost impossible. It maintains the offer of so-called democratic elections and even purports to enhance democratic accountability through new forms of claimed democracy.



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1 hour ago, rwkt said:

and, unless the people engage in mass non-compliance 


I think we have to forget about waking up the majority and taking the numbers we have and just setting about doing something. Working within the law but not lying down and accepting ever more increasing incursions into our freedoms. How many could we get together from these forums and those like it?

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14 hours ago, JJ73 said:

How many could we get together from these forums and those like it?


I propose one way or another to answer your question, the sooner forum members realize whos legit here and who's not, here on DI and elsewhere. 

This is why I say in a REAL WORLD CONTACT THREAD,


Then move onto forming groups, but yeah make it soon, sure!!...  (then a social cohesive but friendly AND where possible an "infiltration safe merger" of groups for freedom of tributaries to all pretty much sit side by side, can do what they need to do so that we don't feel we only exist as pocket size splinter groups but that also serve as 'contributable capillaries' that ONE & ALL do in fact ALL work for the MAIN heart to function) 



This same TOPIC for headline subject thread is also posted here:- 



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