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Exposing New Age Fake Gurus


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The problem with this disinformation attitude which is around, I'm confident that people who do try to conquer the ignorance about ourselves and our origins which is basically what this is about, are as equally in the dark as the rest of us. All these people are in the common population, trying to make sense out of mud. 


The truth is behind things like the Vatican and heavy occult secret societies. You either have to channel through it or if you can't do that, you know, we need these places open. We need to see what it is for everybody's benefit, what is hidden in those vaults that nobody is allowed to go into and get them properly analysed in a grown up manner. 

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Usually the philosophy "follow the money" helps in sniffing out new age fake gurus/shamans/"my grandmother was an Apache" and now we do sweat lodges at £500 for a weekend.....whatever.

There's a lot of it about. Sad. And people actually come away from those things feeling full of some kind of bullshit which makes them feel super special and happy. Sadder really.

Then there are some who write books supposedly inspirational or based on their "initiation" which is on the "Path of this....or the Path of that...."
And one I discovered which has massive chunks of the narrative and dialogue plagiarised word for word from a classic author!

They get a following from these books, workshops, make a handsome living from their acolytes, but are usually quite arrogant. Smiley and fawning to anyone with lots of dosh who will keep returning to their workshops, but pretty nasty to anyone who dares to question them.

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