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DOD Global satellite-based weapons system


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It's sad when you see the trojan horse of 'global satellite internet' provided by Telesat, Kaiper, Starlink, OneWeb, etc as a global satellite-based weapons system. Each 'constellation' or 'cluster' of satellites provided by each company to be inter-connected by a cluster of US military satellites into a 'megaconstellation' bringing a command and control structure of militarized satellites owned by different private companies from within different countries under the singular control of US Space Force.


SpaceX and Kaiser project(Amazon) both having leased port space at the Port of Long Beach...


Basically, SpaceX is the largest provider, having quickly gone from no satellites to nearly 2000 in months.  Basically, I'm seeing the reason for the port jamming off California as the fact that they shut down the port and redirected all other cargo ships around so they could get 'only the right cargo' to quickly assemble their global satellite-based weapons system. 

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I thought I would follow-up post this as I had more time:


satan's rapture has started. All the global elite pedo fucks and the chosen among the royal lines and stuff, is getting taken by the Secret Space Program to the Mars base. The global satellite-based internet system/weapons system can be controlled directly from the Mars base.. so they can use unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs), ground based missile systems, etc, to annihilate this planet from above.


but all this started about 100 years ago or so


I mean, Jesus had a kid with Mary Magdalene, and she moved to France. The catholic military orders, starting with like the Knights Templar, screwed around in Solomon's Temple, and found the secret. So they followed Jesus's bloodline and set up shop in France. Then, it moved to Germany and bred into the line of Dagobert and became the Merovingians. At that time the Teutonic Knight network came into existence and coalesced around the Merovingian bloodline and the nucleus of the Germanic secret society network was set up -- namely the Rosicrucians and the Order of the Golden Dawn -- and the Rosicrucians would eventually go on to found modern freemasonry. There's a reason the Bavarian Illuminati came from Germany/Russia.. it's the Merovingian bloodline and the Teutonic Knight network and the Secret Society network that coalesced around it.


Around 100 years ago, 14 foot tall white Draco reptilians(the fallen angels) were released from their prison, and they contacted the Germanic orders, and the Germanic orders made an alliance with them.


Eventually after WWII, a lot of the big time SS that were connected with the germanic orders, moved, and set up shop, an HQ, with these beings, in Antarctica.. that was the 'core' of the nazi-reptillian alliance.. these reptilians helped us build our high technology society.. i mean, our technological evolution, as a society, was pretty flat for 6000 years.. since the flood.. but it has exploded in the last 100 years or so..
And this nazi-Reptillian alliance has been out in the galaxy fighting other civilizations and conquering them.. to add planets to their dark alliance to utilize the combined militaries of all these planetary systems, for the reptilian entities to conquer their own home world so they can go back home.. they got booted out of their home and sent to earth(the war in heaven & subsequent expulsion).. earth is like a penal colony for them.


See, the truth about the global satellite internet craze of SpaceX and Kaiper(Amazon) in the US, and Telesat in Canada, and OneWeb in Englandish, is that these are separate, private corporate owned ventures, running simultaneously to set up an 'internet' in space. Each separate company is going to have a 'cluster' of satellites called a constellation, and US Space Force, is going to have a cluster of its own satellites, that inter-connect all the separate constellations into one 'megaconstellation.' What this will do is provide US Space Force with a central command and control system for the global satellite-based weapons system.


The global 'wifi' nature of this is just the trojan horse to roll in a global satellite-based weapons system under the guise of something else. There are 2 ports in California for our cargo imports. Long Beach and Los Angeles. It's no coincidence that the ports being jammed happened at the same time SpaceX leased space at the Long Beach port. At the time SpaceX had virtually no satellites in the air, and now, they have nearly 2000.. in a matter of months. My guess is that all cargoes were put on hold and all the ships moved around so that the dock could be used solely to move in all the materials to assemble SpaceX's fleet of new satellites to implement the DODs new weapons system.

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