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BJ and msm collaborate to brainwash the sheep further - quiz photo emerges


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The ever vigilant msm who turns over every rock, stone, heaven and earth, works tirelessly to uncover the truth, all for the benefit of the people are at it again.

The msm reveals more revelations: " Despite repeated denials of parties in Number 10, it now transpires that there were numerous parties, gatherings and the BJ even took part in a quiz.

BJ really believes it's one rule for him, another for everyone else. "


But why this statement? Why attack their fellow zionists? And will these revelations stop? Probably not, and here's why:

The msm  attack BJ in an obviously pre-rehearsed scripted event, and after many years of this propoganda the sheep have fallen so in love with the vigilant msm they rush to take the     ' independant ' msm advice, get the satan juice, stand by their doors eager to slam them shut for the next msm approved lockdown, refuse to listen to the conspiracy theorists because the msm told them not to.

You can talk truth and facts to the people all you want, but they will never listen to a word you say now, no matter how hard you try. All they do is continue their never ending msm worship of loose women, the grinning philip scofield, the itv bbc TV channels, and not you the truth sayer. 





No matter what you say, all they now do is cry and obsess over the vigilant TV which has  ' advised' them all of their lives, The TV is their boss, the TV is the god of them, if the information and lifestyle advice comes from the beloved TV it will be accepted, if it does not come from the TV it will be universally rejected and spat upon.

Because they have become totally hypnotized, mesmerized, by the TV celebs, who smile at you, act like they are your best friends, make you laugh, make you cry with their entertainment, welcome you onto their programs with big smiles and warm words, and the public have totally and utterly fallen for the acting pantomime drama, they are genuinely in love and trust the smiling TV personalities with their lives, their souls, their families.





It is a scared bond forged over many years, this celeb obsessed culture we unfortunatly live in, as the sheep lovingly gazing at the screen, desperately yearning to be like them their heroes, wanting to marry their heroes, wanting to worship their heroes. Their heroes could never lie to them, they would find the very thought truly repulsive.

If you dare to contradict the heroic news channels, or label the ever grinning celebs as liars, the sheep will loathe and despise where ever you go – you are attacking their beloved gods.

All of this has caused a big mental block, because after being lovingly persuaded into what they must do all their lives, what to buy, what to eat, what to believe in, what is right, what is wrong, now they need that in order to fit in with the rest of their friends, to conform and fit into this big brother society, just as everyone they know has conformed. To question big brother and this loving warm democracy, which gives them a nice fuzzy feeling inside, would be absurd.

Also, the public is absolutely bombarded night and day with fake stories and images of democracy. If anyone breaks the law, no matter how rich and powerful, they are dragged through the courts. Truth, justice and honour must prevail, this is what the country stands for. Nothing else is acceptable of the bbc's highest of high standards.

Bill clinton had sex with monica lewinsky: Immediately clinton is grabbed by the neck and dragged through the courts on impeachment charges - how dare he betray the public trust, DEMOCRACY WILL NOT STAND FOR IT !!





BJ accepts questionable money for a flat refurbishment: - dragged through the TV courts - how dare he - the absolute bastard !! The office of PM is the highest in the land, the highest of moral values must be displayed. THE PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR ANYTHING LESS.


Martin bashir uses lies to get a princess diana interview: - fucking dragged through the TV courts - how dare he tell lies - the bastard. THE BBC WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ABUSE OF POSITION.


Everything about the country is democracy, doing the right thing, truth, honour, we work only in the best interests of the people - and all the rest of that TV fantasy stuff - which is relentlessly bashed over your head night and day, documentary after documentary, investigation after investigation, and will be for the rest of your life, make no mistake about that, anything to make you believe in this world of superficial democracy they have created.

Which of course the sheep have fallen for. Now they cannot even begin to question the trustworthiness of the TV, because the Tv has always told them what is trustworthy and what it is not. You can preach all that you want, but as far as most people are concerned they love the TV, the Tv always speaks the truth, drags criminals through the courts, keeps them updated with the facts, is their best friend, the TV journalists are awake all night crying pain filled tears because criminals in the world actually exist ETC.

They love the TV - the TV could never tell a lie – never. Not their dearest and most sacred TV - they would rather die than hear anything to the contrary.

So after all these years of TV brainwashing, combined with fluoride mind poisoning, which is all based on hitler’s nazi work. Hitler discovered that people fed with the mental poison fluoride, became docile, easier to control, refused to challenge authority figures such as police, politicians, and accepted whatever they were told. Because of this they are desperate to shove fluoride into anything you eat. Now people will eagerly accept the TV news headlines informing you that you are living in a wonderful democracy, which is the envy of the world, combine this with never ending stories of how much you are loved for and cared for by this wonderful system, combine this with the florence nightingale doctors and nurses who are desperately praying for you to get better from the virus, how we must come together as  a brave nation and take care of each other by injecting in the vaccine, how it's good to do the right thing and the awesome politicians are leading the way in all of this -  Etc etc... Make the people believe the world they are living in is all sunshine and roses, the politicians and the system that runs this country is always working in the best interests of the people and absolutely nothing else. The truth always prevails and lies are stamped out. In return the people cry great tears of devotion and gratitude at this wonderful democracy, and fall on their knees before their glorious leaders, bow down and worship the TV, believe everything they are told by their knights in shining armour, who then turn around and shit all over them, in the nicest possible way of course.


“ Take the vaccine, because we must protect you from the virus. We want what’s best for you.  ”

“ Don’t look too closely. Just do as we tell you, because we love you and want to help you. You don’t need to think, we will do all the thinking for you. Just obey. ”


Gets them every time




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The ever vigilant bbc are at it again, no stone is left unturned as the rich and powerful are dragged out from the rocks they hide behind to be judged by the saviours of democracy:  " Simon case has done the honourable thing and stepped down from his role leading the internal inquiry into the PM's party allegations, after reports that he attended a drinks party himself.  "

Furious Tory MPs warn that BJ has one last chance to make changes - or else. he had better improve his performance or be subjected to a determined bid to remove him. Truth, honour and democracy must prevail !!!!  Ofcourse the MP's  all failed to mention  that the sin of holding parties during lockdown was released and promoted by them. They created the scandal and are now milking it for all it is worth. They claim that hundreds of MPs issued furious warnings to the PM yesterday both anonymously and on the record, after the party’s devastating loss in the North Shropshire by-election.


With more pre-rehearsed acting of anger at democracy and truth being denied, Tories are claiming they are plotting a massive revolt against the Covid Plan B rules,  because Sajid Javid said the number of Omicron infections had hit 200,000 a day.

But when democracy loving and ever vigilant MPs and journalists asked where this figure – many times higher than the declared number – had come from, neither Mr Javid’s team nor the UK Health Security Agency could explain how it was calculated.

The democracy loving MP's:  We are genuinely shocked and disgusted by it. We followed the rules, my constituents followed the rules, they couldn’t see their family and friends and then these elite f***ers go and have parties. It’s disgusting. I want the Government to do well, so Boris needs to get it together.”


How the zionists argue amongst themselves, to put forward this image of honour, truth, dedication and democracy to the people, to convince the people they are the guardians of country, and that we can trust running the country to them. And the sheep fall to their knees before the glorious TV, smile at the brave actions of their life saving heroes , They wipe their TV down after its hard day’s brainwashing is done, kiss it before going to bed and say: Goodbye TV. I love you - and nobody else.

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I can't disagree with any of this. When I watched my neighbour have a bird box hammered down from the back wall to make way for his Sky paraphernalia, I knew then he was one of the brainwashed. It's okay for chicks to die and the parents to come back and panic at the disappearance of the bird box (I watched it - it was harrowing) because the TV gods are far more important and must be appeased. It's the new religion. Great posts. Well written 👍

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On 12/25/2021 at 3:48 AM, JJ73 said:

I can't disagree with any of this. When I watched my neighbour have a bird box hammered down from the back wall to make way for his Sky paraphernalia, I knew then he was one of the brainwashed. It's okay for chicks to die and the parents to come back and panic at the disappearance of the bird box (I watched it - it was harrowing) because the TV gods are far more important and must be appeased. It's the new religion. Great posts. Well written 👍

that's actually a criminal offense you should of had him prosecuted

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I’m not sure if it is awards season yet, but it appears it may well be so as the academy awards for best acting performance go out once again. The zionists clear their throats, pull out their pre-rehearsed scripts from out of their back pockets, and announce the following to the world: “ Arguments are being formed over BJ’s flat refurbishment, did he accept money in return for favours? ”

BJ’s ethics adviser, interviewed by the BBC, double checks his lines given to him by the banking cartel and then loudly states: “ Why were WhatsApp messages kept secret in my probe into the controversial £142,000 refurbishment. This failure to pass on the messages is extraordinary, public faith in government had been dented.”

N.B. Side note: But which elusive faith is this that has allegedly been dented, and who on earth are these public figures are who still have faith in politicians, was not revealed.

But the pantomime continues on regardless: as the watching sheep gaze in admiration at their TV screens:

The obliviously happy sheep: “ Ha Ha! Take that BJ, you’re gonna have to tell the truth about them dem there messages, the BBC will get it out of you, that’s what they are all about. Go BBC!!! Go truth! Go justice! ”

Sheep number two: “ Yeah! It don’t matter how big you is. You can’t escape dat long arm of the law. You can’t escape the truth, democracy, cause that’s what this country is all about. If you lie BJ, you are sooo fucked. The forces of democracy have got you by yer balls!”




Angela raynor labour’s deputy leader: “It appears that Lord Brownlow had access to the prime minister and culture secretary to discuss Great Exhibition 2, because he was paying for his luxury flat renovations. No one should be able to buy access to the PM, or exchange wallpaper, for great exhibition festivals. Boris Johnson has serious questions to answer.”

Wendy Chamberlain, the lib dem chief whip, notices from the script it is her turn to speak and she announces: “It stinks of the worst kind of Conservative cronyism, with BJ happy to scratch his donor’s back, to get his flat spruced up in return,” she declared, with the strength and conviction any paid actor and bank representative would be proud of.

The obliviously grazing sheep: “ Go BBC, ask dem there questions. Get dem to tell the truth out. Innit.”

It then emerged that, on 18 January last year, then culture secretary oliver dowden met with Brownlow to discuss plans for Great Exhibition 2.0

The controversy comes on top of an attack delivered by Lord Geidt for BJ’s failure to hand over the whatsapp messages for his inquiry.

BJ: “I offer a humble and sincere apology for what happened.”


The sheep: “ Hah! Yes! That BJ prick is being forced to dem there confess the truth, at last. The big time forces of democracy that guard over this land and protect y’all, got him, got him good and proper. Mazing! Big up to dat there BBC! I can live safe and sound now, so can my kids. GO BBC !!! Go democracy! Go government! Yaaay, I love you. Sheep forever! ” And they bow down before their ever smiling newsreaders.




Ever ready to continue the back and forth banter of this democracy charade, douglas ross stated in the papers: “If BJ has breached his own guidance, if he has not been truthful, then it is an extremely important issue... If the prime minister has misled Parliament, then he must resign. That is the honorable thing to do.”

The papers looked at the shush money they receive from the government, and quickly stated: this could trigger a vote of confidence in BJ and his premiership would be on the line. Theresa may whose premiership was dealt a terminal blow by her ill-fated election gamble, survived a confidence vote in December 2018 but eventually resigned six months later.

The sheep: Check that shit out. We must have dat there bloodclat truth and democracy, ‘specially from dem dere politicians. Dis is a good thing. Papers are good. Government is good. They don’t let BJ or any other liar get away with anyfink. Yaaay. All is good. Sheep forever !!!!


More quotes from the tory party: People in positions of power shouldn’t seek to escape public responsibility or accountability, we must have democracy. The Prime Minister and his office should set the highest of standards.

Andrew Bridgen: I’m calling on the Prime Minister to stand down, there is time yet to do the right thing. For truth and honour. Boris truly loves our country, our democracy and our party, he should go now with some semblance of grace. It gives me a heavy heart to submit this letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson, who had failed to lead by his own shining example.

Roger Gale: I do believe that in this instance, the 1922 Committee have a duty to go to the Prime Minister and have a word with him, because we cannot go on like this. The people must have the truth.

William Wragg: I fear this is simply going to be a continuing distraction to the good governance of this democratic country. People across the UK made sacrifices to follow the rules. We must have honour and truth, given that the PM has now confirmed he attended a rule-breaking gathering, he has lost the confidence of the country.

Puzzling: So many politicians trotting forward to comment on an event that happened in may of 2020, why the delay? Why did it take so long to report on this story? If this was a truthful investigation, why censor the information? If it did it happen at all.

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