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The itinerant shrubber

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The loneliness is killing me. I try to keep strong with exercise,  but lately it feels like it's not burning out my mind and body enough. Every conversation I have with my immediate family involves the ego. I ain't got nothing to prove, I just want a free speech conversation. I'm currently reading Children of the matrix. Control of society is so easy the way David describes it. I've read half of his books but this one seems to get really deep into the reptilian theory. A few years ago I would have said this theory was nutty, but now, who knows? How does this forum still feel about the reptilian theory? This world is crazy😳

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On 12/11/2021 at 5:50 PM, The itinerant shrubber said:

Time is ticking and I've given up on the herd. If they haven't figured it out by now they never will. 

I just want to circle the wagons now with other like minded people cos I can't survive this by myself. 

I've tried freedomcell network and I've had no response from anyone in there locally. East anglia just seem bereft of any serious minded folk who want to get together and form a network in real life. 

I don't know anyone outside of my family in real life that is awake to what is happening. 

The Internet is just a distraction. We need people who have our backs. Someone on the other side of the planet is no use. 

I've seen awake stickers around my area but I've no idea who is doing them and I don't do Facebook. 

Any suggestions? 


PS. I'm in Stowmarket if anyone is around that area, feel free to pm me. 



Im in North Essex not that far from Ipswich and Colchester, so not a huge distance away. Telegram is your best bet for finding more local people.

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