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Priti Patel wants to pilfer your citizenship on the sly.


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As with much of what is going on nowadays, it is hard to separate satire from reality. I have also heard many others say exactly the same thing this year. This is yet another story where I am left speechless. First and foremost, no one should be able to remove anyone's citizenship. Forget the minority of dual nationals floating about, as this has bugger all to do with them. Secondly, if you really are intent on removing someone's citizenship, then they must surely have first been found guilty of the most serious crimes, by a jury, in a court, in a country of which they are a citizen. Finally, if you are a total psycho, who thinks that you can just 'make the call' outside of court, then you have to first tell the person concerned and an appeal must be allowed. 


Let's not beat around the bush, the only reason Patel wants to do this is to be able to summarily execute or ship off to Guantanamo Bay, anyone peaceful, legal and democratic the government feels threatened by. Think about it logically. The authorities either have someone in their grasp or they don't. What benefit would it be to the authorities, to be able to strip the citizenship of someone not in their grasp? None at all. Priti Patel really has gone full blown police state with this move.





'New bill quietly gives powers to remove British citizenship without notice.'

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1 hour ago, HAARPING_On said:

Make no mistake, she is one evil piece of shit. 


She wants revenge for Brittan trying to civilize India. They failed and India is still a country of murder and open sewers in the streets but she's still bitter. Everything she does makes perfect sense if you remember she wants to destroy Brittan to bring glory to India.

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6 minutes ago, Useyournous said:

She oozes ice that woman. This is what gets me with these people who find it easy to get things done and dusted. It's because they do not have trouble with tiresome feelings getting  in the way that make decisions for normal humans complex.

She's a sociopath.

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