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Allegra Stratton - doubles?

Mikhail Liebestein

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So I'm sure you've seen the video of the new briefing practice where the PM and thus the Elite's press team took the mick out of the plebs who were locked down, whilst covering up for a Downing Street party.


Allegra Stratton was the fall girl on this occasion and not the PM himself - easier to blame the staff.


But what I wasn't sure of is whether there is more than one Allegra Stratton. I've seen a few videos and photos and I am not convinced they are all the same person. Seem to vary between a fairly foxy lady (the name Allegra suits that well) and a bit of a troll who looks unmade up.













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Hmmm looks like the same person to me in this case. A persons nose shape from the front can widen with a big smile, and when posing for a photo (and wearing make up) a person can look totally different to a natural and unmade up shot of themselves. The right lighting and pose/make up and make a person look very flattering. Her face shape looks all the same with me so I wouldn’t say it’s different people. I’ve seen some photos of others such as Biden past & now and they have different eyes and ear shapes and that would definitely be something to grab ones attention…

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