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100,000 year Milankovitch cycle peaking 2024..is this the reason why they are locking down the human race?


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Episode 2 of the Breaking Point docu-series features top experts warning about the sabotage and breakdown of the food supply infrastructure. Part of the Breaking Point docu-series by Mike Adams, via Brighteon Films.


Breaking Point - Episode 2 - FOOD COLLAPSE (Brighteon Films)




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More nooooooooz from the far side of planet stupid, anyway mount Tanaga and Takawangha have been swarmed with earthquakes and look set to blow and comes with free instruction set on how to make volcano hair, which i never knew, how interesting.


Earthquake swarms at two Alaska volcanoes raise fears of possible eruption




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Annoying little shit and a big baphomet twat, grechy bumbag deletes tweet in desperate attempt to save the planet, but i reckon s/he whatever, got it wrong and feels a bit embarrassed about it, and gamed it out to be a losing argument.

Just a tip, try to provide names when using 'top climate scientist' as a statement, it's okay because they are already famous and are comfortable with being known.

Thanks to the mighty catturd for this splittin' my sides snooooooooooz item, giving it to 'em in the kitty litter, one tray of mirth at a time.





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Episode 3 of the Breaking Point documentary series features experts warning about the deliberate destruction of the energy infrastructure that keeps the economy running (and humanity alive).


Breaking Point - Episode 3 - ENERGY COLLAPSE




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On 3/25/2023 at 3:20 AM, RobinJ said:

A space weather company that didnt know there was a solar storm going on....hmmm. Wasnt HAARP online or something? 🤣


I did try to find information that might correlate the so called solar storm with haarp as i thought the same thing, but alas my search was fruitless or my search kung fu was out of wack, any links that you might have come across? 👍

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On 12/11/2022 at 3:40 PM, sock muppet said:

Northern hemisphere wants in on the party, here comes Mauna Loa in Hawawii, next up Iceland perhaps, 🤔


Hawaii's Mauna Loa eruption: Stunning video shows lava spewing into air



Damn, my money was on Iceland for the northern hemisphere volcanic ash party, nature has out smarted me, and made me look stupid, 🤪



What Comes Next For Humanity in 2023





Spectacular images of the ash deposited on local villages

The Shiveluch volcano scares Russia: entire villages submerged in ash



Always the bleedin way, you wash your truck and then a volcano blows up, a touch-up pen, and then buff that right out, :classic_blink:




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4 hours ago, masonfreeparty2 said:



Unless the Moon has gained a companion, this looks more like a hybrid eclipse that is more usually at sunset or sunrise, i think Dave may have his locations wrong, i did a search and found this, https://apnews.com/article/hybrid-solar-eclipse-australia-indonesia-east-timor-76c01e7b0dcd3154ba1250d8f0c73b59

Map, https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2023-april-20

Could this spectacular shot be from Indonesia rather than Saudi Arabia, either way the timing involved with this looks odd to me?



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