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100,000 year Milankovitch cycle peaking 2024..is this the reason why they are locking down the human race?


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On 11/9/2023 at 1:55 PM, RobinJ said:

Nov 4, according to astrologers and spiritual types, was also the splitting away of the fake moon we've lived under the influence of, that has now been replaced with the original organic version. The July eclipse started the process and recent October one was the last phase.

And we have the poles splitting into 4.

I had a massive headache on that day, as did a friend of mine.

It makes me wonder if they are using HAARP as the cover excuse.

Here is a link with a synopsis of some recent world weather events: https://www.sott.net/article/485794-SOTT-Earth-Changes-Summary-October-2023-Extreme-Weather-Planetary-Upheaval-Meteor-Fireballs


1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

Possibly also the effects of poles splitting?


Very real possibility about the poles splitting and disturbing the atmosphere at high altitude, 👍

This latest from Dave DuByne is a very interesting discussion about the changes that are affecting people as you have described with headaches and such, the bit that interests me the most starts at 00:07:05 where they discuss the EM/plasma changes, and in particular, as i have had experience of this myself, is seeing light in both eyes, very bright white light, not always at the same time, particularly from the sides and runs along the bottom eye lids almost like water and suggests that how it affects you with headaches affects me by seeing this light, it does not appear to have any pattern of when it happens in terms of time between events, 👍



Are you Feeling Strange (This is One Possibility Why)

Duration 00:23:27



I had a chance to speak with Craig Simpson from RadiantCreators.com about the shift that most people on our planet are feeling from an energetic level and how this manifesting into that "something is off" , "something isn't right" and ways to shift with the changing tide of electromagnetic change.



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6 hours ago, sock muppet said:



Here's a thought to bake your noodles, with respect to the 'moon wave' phenomena, which to me looks more like an old vhs video tape artifact than anything the moon itself might be doing, because if it was, then i see no reason why it should always be presented as a straight horizontal line that travels across its surface as @peter has described, could it be the remnant of atomic detonation testing that has taken place in space, and if it is, could it be some kind of atmospheric tsunami set in motion by those detonations, with the air being so rarefied at those altitudes it may take decades to actually dissipate the energy that causes it?

 Maybe ,but interesting none the less

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On 4/22/2023 at 10:17 PM, sock muppet said:


Damn, my money was on Iceland for the northern hemisphere volcanic ash party, nature has out smarted me, and made me look stupid, 🤪



What Comes Next For Humanity in 2023





Spectacular images of the ash deposited on local villages

The Shiveluch volcano scares Russia: entire villages submerged in ash



Always the bleedin way, you wash your truck and then a volcano blows up, a touch-up pen, and then buff that right out, :classic_blink:





On 7/11/2023 at 12:06 AM, sock muppet said:


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY here comes Iceland to clothe my worthless opinion of naked nonsense and joins the northern hemisphere global (yes we do live on a spinning oblate spheroid flatards) ash party, and copious amounts of Sulfur dioxide spewing into the air, 🤔


Volcano erupts near Icelandic capital: met office





Don't worry mum's not going to Iceland anymore she's going to Russia, where they grow and eat real food and none of that genetically mutilated crap that the parasites that be seem so fond of shoveling down our throats, and they never even asked, the cheek of it, and don't eat that stuff labelled as GE as it's the same mutilated rubbish rebranded, MEH!!!


More Icelandic festivities, crack up boom, this might, if it does go boom, disrupt net services for sometime as a lot of data centers are located there, got a backup of a backup, if not, then you have no backup at all, 🤔


Iceland 'is on edge' waiting for volcanic eruption amid fears river of lava could hit power plant after giant crack tears through town, thousands are evacuated and over 700 more earthquakes since yesterday, with 'unholy sounds' coming up from the earth




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