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Mandatory Covid pass


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My advice to all Conspiracy people is just use the exemption on the NHS app and lie. Just play the government at their own game my good friends.

Ignore all the fucking guidance like Boris Johnson has done and tell lies about your exemption on the Covid pass. Thats all they are doing, then follow the game and play the next card.

They cant ask you why you are exempt.. All you do is just say reason why I am exempt, is because I am Bipolar, I am a normal person one minute then next I am a conspiracy theorist.

Download the app and just put a load of crap into it.. 

I personally don't blame the prime minister for what is happening and the whistleblowing that's going off.

He is following the agenda of Bilderberg, the agenda that is now not getting followed thanks to the hard work of Gareth, David Icke and Alex Jones spreading the word about the Bilderberg group. 

Exemption is everyone who CANNOT be vaccinated and those that DO NOT.

DO NOT is a lie on the covid app called LIE..

The government lies, the media lies... Start the same. LIE..

Over and OUT.





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I want to go on holiday in January. 

I cant go because of the PCR test, quarantine and Vaccine.

Whats it got to do with the app?

Exemption means free from obligation.

Get a paper version to get in events.

Lie on paper then.

What other choice have you got?

You are a conspiracy theorist.

Have you got proof that Covid exists?

Then if you do, go take them to court.. Or show your theories to get in a football match.



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