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Is this legal?


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I applied for a job and received an email response asking if I had been double vaccinated against Covid-19? Is that legal?


I'm tempted to lie and say yes and throw into the conversation that I'm not, however, triple or quadruple fake-vaxxed and when will it stop... Maybe it will open the eyes of one lost soul.

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It probably is legal, unless there is a legal precedence against discrimination on such terms.


Unless someone takes someone to court, and wins that case, gov will let businesses, and companies do such discrimination.


It needs someone who were not allowed to apply for a job, to take them to court, and file a discrimination case. I doubt most people care enough to do such a thing.


Until that happens, i would think companies are allowed to say such things to applicants.

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Seriously?  You still believe that there is a moral code? A governing rule of law that is fair and just?

When you find the land of utopia,  please just keep quiet and lock the gates behind you. It won't be long before they find and corrupt your new home.


I am wondering how bad will it need to become before the masses begin to fight back? Will it be within my lifetime or have I just condemed my grandchildren to a life of repression? 


Is it legal you ask.

Legal is a state of mind that is agreed upon by the masses.  Whether it be a shared agreement or an imposed statement.

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