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I will not comply! I was vaccinated by force during the CCCP era.


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At 11, I was vaccinated by force at school. Commie nurses and cops came to the school and vaccinated all of us.


This was for our "protection" after the  Chernobyl disaster.

To protect us from radiation.


Well, I was in west Romania near the Serbian border. A long way from Chernobyl. 

People in North Romania should have been dead or at least mutated, lol


Who knows what was in those vaccines.


I was 11 then and had no choice. Now I do. I will not comply! 


Damn, I came to Australia, and it seems I cannot get rid of these damn Commies.


They are everywhere, like damn cockroaches.



I still have the scar on my shoulder from that Vaccine. 




scar resised .jpg

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What was weird is that at first they vaccinated us in the wrist.


If the area where you were vaccinated became a huge red circle, you needed to be vaccinated in the shoulder with another vaccine.


Some selective radiation if you ask me.


No clue what happened there. Or what they were actually doing or looking for.


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