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Law study group / home schooling


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If anybody is interested, let me know.

We could organise online classes for both parents and children to learn together.

I've already learned a few good info from this professor who is pro law education for school kids.

His techniques, information will work for the UK, US, Oz, Ireland, Canada and more.





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There are already people saying "They break their own rules, we can't win i.e. defeatest" etc



Jurisdictionary 8 months ago

I won almost every case using the same tactics, and there were lawyers on the other side in all those cases. I didn't win by "being a lawyer". I won by knowing how to use the rules. Something any 8th grader can learn in a single weekend, Alexander. Cursing the darkness does no good for anyone. Lift the lamp. Let the People control their government by learning how to win in court, please.


It's either give up at this point and spend no more time in the mega thread because the system has always been and will be.....


say that time is different and it's better to know how enemy works and you might just win a case here and there than none.

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First assignment

I take it you are against becoming a transhuman. So it only makes sense to do this.

Bear in mind, the process takes SIX weeks.

It's up to you but I wouldn't start an important paperwork like this between 14th Jan 2022 till 4th Feb 2022 during the Mercury retrograde period.

There are more Mercury retro periods in 2022.

56 minutes ago, DaleP said:


Do this now and prepare for the future. Study.


Certificate templates downloads (Free) https://all-free-download.com/?a=G&t=avs&q=diploma&rk=any&k=free-vector&lc=all&or=best

Why did I put a stamp on the document? https://www.youarelaw.org/membership-support/postal-power


I cannot be duplicated.


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Everyone must watch this video. This is like the starting point in understanding the difference between the legal system (the law of the sea) we are under as slaves vs the law (the law of the land) which free person stands.


In order to free ourselves from the slavery, WE, individually, must free ourselves. This is why we need to learn the law because if you don't know how to unchain yourself, you are going to stay as a slave. The system you are going to set up within the Common law jurisdiction, will protect you and operate outside of the legal system.


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Vi coactus (V.C.)


"V.C. + your signature"


This may come in handy in the future. Please remember.

Signing a Contract Under Protest



Usage example

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQo7xDoXBFM





After being elected as leader of the UK Independence Party in September 2016, Diane James added "Vi coactus" after her signature on the official document informing the Electoral Commission of her election. She subsequently relinquished the leadership role 24 hours later, 18 days after winning the election to replace Nigel Farage.

How pigs see it.... (fuck all really but they are law breaking force after all....what do you expect?)


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