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Lion picture in Davids broadcasts


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29 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:

Is the picture of a lion made up from a world map



30 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:

I know David has included pictures in his books that show the word sex when you know it’s there! Is there anything in the lion picture or is it just a favourite of Davids?


I don't think there's anything subliminal, DI just likes it. The author is Neil Hague and he's also the author of other similar images in Icke's books.



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It is a nice image I agree.

I just wondered if it does have any significance with David, as he has displayed it for years. It is prominent when David broadcasts from his office and now it also appears on Davids Ickonic backdrop broadcasts. Maybe a daft question really but it just interested me as to why it is always that image In shot? But agreed, it is a nice image and I suppose it represents what the population of the world needs to be like. Especially now!

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