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Omicron Pussies I Hate!


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So as us “Conspiracy Theorists” have been suggesting, they’re playing for another lockdown and their “Dark Winter” tactics and all of a sudden, right on cue…

The Omicron Covid Variant🥱




People do realise they’re just making this up?

They make this up to justify spin because they know they’re less likely to get away with flogging the same dead horse ☠️ 

At least dead to those who have any sense and have gotten off the 🎡 merry go round 🎠 rollercoaster 🎢 clown 🤡 show ⛺️ 




People would grow suspicious, so they come up with another term, name or “variant” for the same agenda they’re selling YOU.


They’re salesmen, this is engineering of consent!

They’re getting a foot in the door of people's minds to gain acceptance, leverage over the design, the plan, the Conspiracy "Theory"

It’s advertising and marketing on steroids!




It’s like Mujahideen, I mean Al-Qaeda, I mean Islamic State, I mean ISIL, I mean ISIS, oh no, wait a minute, it’s only a moderate terrorists, go back about your business everybody…

Back to Sleep 💤 Sheep 🐑 !


Absolutely nothing has been determined and identified “scientifically”.

It’s an outright lie, a scam, a deception to even hint at the notion of identifying a variant of something that hasn’t even been isolated and proven to exist in and of itself yet, you absolute brain dead, zombie 🧟‍♂️ clowns 🤡 who still believe this and still hell bent on complying with these fascist gas bags!


This just allows the for the pushing of narratives to suggest “this new recent danger” suggests and allows for a “Harsh Realm” reality.

As people would otherwise grow suspicious of “What has changed all of a sudden?”

So, give it another name, another term and people will be able to identify with “IT” in a different way.


It’s psychological propaganda!

It is the engineering of your consent to ensure conformity in the herd and it’s called, “herd immunity”.

Well I’m immune from this bullshit it’s about time more people understood

and thought likewise.






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The week leading up to this "new discovery" had news of African countries being less effected by the Covid, due mainly to the fact that so many Africans take ivermectin to combat parasites in their biological systems. There are no coincidences. And the kick off date for all this new mumbo jumbo, Black Friday. Again, it's not about anyone's health. It never has been. Simply about creating a system of tighter control over the flock and destroying the global economy...which also aids in controlling the flock.

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2 hours ago, KingKitty said:

The week leading up to this "new discovery" had news of African countries being less effected by the Covid, due mainly to the fact that so many Africans take ivermectin to combat parasites in their biological systems. There are no coincidences. And the kick off date for all this new mumbo jumbo, Black Friday. Again, it's not about anyone's health. It never has been. Simply about creating a system of tighter control over the flock and destroying the global economy...which also aids in controlling the flock.

Blacks are less gullible than Whites and they have a LOT MORE BALLS!

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13 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

"New variant detected in South Africa"


It's last years news being repeated again - someone could have had some imagination and picked a different country.


"The situation will be reviewed after three weeks"


Where have we heard that line before? 🤔




Well, as anyone with any sense would know if they know anything about this Globalist Death Cult, the mainstream embrace and impose "cultural racism" for their own ends and then seek about "trying to reduce it" and use it as a means of browbeating the population - both sides, they tell/educate people what to be "offended" by and indoctrinate the other side in "the offence".

Imagine telling a Scouser to be offended by being labelled a "Scouser" as if such is an "ethnic/cultural slur", that is derogatory and then used this as a way and means to remove/erase that whole cultural identity and normalise Globalist standards and "multicultural ethnicity". 🤔


You browbeat the local identity and pedestalise the Globalists standards through the use of a wave of outside cultures, usually "third world" and backwards in the eyes of Globalisation and so, they want people to view them as their enemy to then justify wars of all kinds to "Globalise" their nation and destory local cultures at the same time.

People fall right into this trap and are played very easily by the Tommy Robinsons of the world by not grasping the deception because their brains are just engaged enough to know something is wrong here that's degrading them but not developed enough to see the bigger picture.

Usually because their heads are si far up their own arse!

But there's always a chance, you never know...


They control people's minds by the use of that indoctrination in the first place and then play their own mindset against itself, either accepting their own guilt for feeling that way - controlled, or instead project that stereotype they've been indoctrinated with - controlled by the political correctness police.


This is a mixture of Tavistock Institute Standards and Common Purpose testing grounds.

A quagmire of pure unadulterated bullshit and the media are it's biggest promoters, even if they do this by subtle means. It's coldly calculated to prey upon people's minds to see those stereotypes play out and that reinforces those beliefs, even if it's a load of bollocks, pure unadulterated bullshit!




The whole "First World" Pedestal that is supposed to represent a ladder 🪜 a fictitious Freemasonic stairway to heaven for all other nations, thus Globalisation by those who chase that mindset, is the whole idea... 

🥕 They're donkey's chasing a carrot  🐴 


🧠 In truth represents the spine, 🐍 kundalini  🐍 - this is imitated by the mindset of chasing various illusions 🤯


This mindset depicts India and Africa as being dirty, too "third world" and not Globalised enough, needing "our aid", not intelligent enough to be self sustainable/reliant, they need to be educated 🤣 (into "our way" of thinking) which means "we" need to monopolies their resources - for the death cult - and use this mechanism to kill a large majority of their population - so it can become clean, sustainable, educated and obviously better cultured 😅

But don't dare say it or else you're be accused of being a bigot and popular racism 🤫 for seeing and saying what is going on...

It's popular for a reason.

The only reason anyone would say or agree with this is because they're a "far right" national flag waving cunty chop "Conspiracy Theorist" who wants to marry their own sister/cousin... 🤪





As the only reason you'd feel this way is because you're a national extremist and not because you can see what's going on.

But Black Lives Do Matter 🤣

To see one and not the other is because you're an idiot or a pawn and theirs nothing in between!

Apart from those who don't care about either because they've never identified with what's being discussed here.

The point is, you can't speak out about one and ignore the other.

It's an ignorance of choice or because you're a mind control puppet who can't think for themselves anyway, a pawn.


They know by exploiting this mindset that more people will be able to accept such a "variant" from coming out of such a place because it plays upon people's prejudices and stereotypes.

It also aids the apparent need to develop/Globalise those areas so we can "deliver more aid and resources" 😴

That's one of the reasons they maintain this charade, it's areas they want to exploit, gain access and exploit the "First World" stereotypes to achieve this.



Fo those who don't accept their gene therapy/editing called a "Vaccine"


Unrelated Ad - Generated at Random 


Newcastle teacher Glen Bunn wins £125,000 on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire thanks to 'pure guess'

And, after saying he'd use some of his money to treat his children to a trip to Disneyland, Glen got some more luck when the £125,000 question was one he knew straight away, thanks to his BSc in Criminology and Forensic Science.


That question was' The acronym CRISPR relates to a technology used in which area of scientific research?' to which Glen instantly gave the correct answer of gene editing.



I'm not joking either, if you look up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I've posted on this a few times way before any COVID, you can see and hear of outbreaks of "the greatest disease/viruses ect like never before seen within those areas" predominantly within India, Africa, Middle East and every time, just before these outbreaks like never before seen spanning all these regions, not just one or two but every time!!

It's within exactly the same areas!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where delivering aid in those regions from installing waterless toilet systems, vaccination campaigns and modifying insects to spread diseases, suggesting this is spreading a "vaccination" and then suggesting killing them all because they maybe spreading the disease 🥴🤭




Bill Gates Funded the Company Releasing Gene-Hacked Mosquitoes


The British biotech company Oxitec is moving ahead with its controversial plan to release hundreds of millions of gene-hacked mosquitoes, an experimental new form of targeted pest control, in the Florida Keys.




Maybe bit boring as being a lityle hard to listen to at times, but if you're going to do this research, it's perhaps important to note the details to then do further research on this I'd imagine...






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6 hours ago, KingKitty said:

The week leading up to this "new discovery" had news of African countries being less effected by the Covid, due mainly to the fact that so many Africans take ivermectin to combat parasites in their biological systems. There are no coincidences. And the kick off date for all this new mumbo jumbo, Black Friday. Again, it's not about anyone's health. It never has been. Simply about creating a system of tighter control over the flock and destroying the global economy...which also aids in controlling the flock.


You're right about that, they picked Black Friday for a reason to imply their "Dark Winter" scenario and indulge people's superstitious minds...

At the same time, we also had bad weather and people obviously noticed because I'm a Celebrity had to be postponed 😪🤤😅

So, the drones have to take notice and they'll likely have all entered into a place that will be infected by COVID, perhaps the most dangerous and lethal type being the Omicron Variant 😱 which will further disrupt the show.

Won't that be terrible to inflict that upon the nation...

Well no, not if the aim of the game is psychological warfare.

They wouldn't do that of it wasn't true 😱 It must truly be dangerous...

So dangerous that when they lockdown the rest of the country we should likewise pay attention and not be prepared via kneejerk reaction to dismiss it and ask what's changed?

People would be ready and engaged within the new term of the Omicron Variant and not just plain old "COVID".

This game could continue relentlessly as I'm sure many people who are aware what's actually going on here, realise and know all too well!




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4 hours ago, Mikheil said:

Blacks are less gullible than Whites and they have a LOT MORE BALLS!


Black's are alot more indoctrinated into believing the White's are working against them and to their disadvantage, whilst the predominant force that may on the surface appear to be behind this Globalist Death Cult perception deception are White's.

So, they'd be a lot more geared up and inclined to not; comply, agree and already be open to believe that this situation is working against their greater good before even hearing whatever it is...

Which is half true.

But still, there's a cloud of deception here.

This fuels their stereotypes and misconception, just as this does above surrounding the "variant" in "third world" areas.

People are more incline to believe such if it indulges their own stereotypes. 

It's this which is monopolising the belief in COVID and this dangerous deadly variant and its this which is also monopolising the BLM movement for example.

Its a predator praying upon influencing, controlling via indulging peoples stereotypes...


I draw the line with racism, after the popular stuff of course 😅


"The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing." - Helena Blavatsky


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They're taking the Absolute Piss!


German laser specialist OMICRON expands its sales presence in Europe. As of now General Microtechnology & Photonics (GMP), specialising in lasers and spectroscopy, represents OMICRON's innovative laser products in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.




Optogenetics is to do with changing how the brain 🧠 perceives or acts to light to stimulate a certain neurological response, using technology.

Its part of Transhumanism and A.I. agenda of producing a hive mind and is being sold as superhuman and advancement as an advantage to have this "modifications".

Where the controlled debate around ethics is, if this "advantage" is fair, not if and should or shouldn't this be being done and its true and full implications or what if such was used be the wrong people for the wrong reasons?

Aka, the people actually pushing these Globalist Agendas 


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I'll do a separate post about this as I've gone on long enough here already...

But, here is very clear and obvious

Revelation of the Method.

From SuperSoldiers, Mind Control and Optogenetics - All of these take a role within the movie...



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1 hour ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:





I did write and explain this here but I've lost my text and it's very very fucking annoying when this forum does this...

You phone refreshing randomly or you knock the back button, you go back to where you're typing, all your pics are normally here but usually all the text randomly dissappears 😱😡🤯

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In 1963, a sci-fi movie called Omicron was released that’s going viral in the wake of the Omicron variant.

The Italian film follows the story of a dead factory worker who comes back to life after his body is taken over by an invisible alien.

Written and produced by Ufo Gregoretti, the alien takes over his body to learn about the planet so his race can take it over.

It was nominated for one award at the Venice Film Festival before being forgotten… until now.


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On 11/29/2021 at 6:48 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:


I've come back here and some of my text seems to have reappeared 🤔


Wow interesting to read I'll copy and highlight here and give my interpretation...


"A mysterious league of elite assassins targets ninety-six of the most powerful people in America, and Blaine McCracken must stop them before the murderers bring the country to its knees - Hunger Games Society/Fall of America 



There are ninety-six 🏁 ☯️ on the list.

They are those of businessmen, judges, and senators—the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful. And they are all going to die.

A man named Takahashi has hired the world’s finest assassins to eliminate these men in secrecy and style, crossing names off the list without raising any suspicion. And they are killing ahead of schedule.  


Eugenics Practices

But someone has noticed the pattern of these seemingly unrelated deaths, and she knows enough to call Blaine McCracken. Takahashi didn’t consider the rogue American agent, and that is a grave mistake.

His carefully orchestrated vendetta is just the sort of thing that McCracken lives to upset. He has made a career teaching lessons to those who underestimate him, and Takahashi’s league of assassins is next.  

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Jon Land including rare photos from the author’s personal collection."




Lucifer - Summoning his Legions

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Once again, something tragically wrong when you use this forum from Android.

Thankfully it's mostly a copy from notes, but if you accidentally refresh the page or it does it itself between flipping between tabs and apps, the comments here are completely lost and dumped and somehow, loses your whole message but remembers the different images you uploaded 🤔



Oncomir - Another anagram of The Moronic - Omicron

Oncomir - A microRNA that is associated with cancer. Emma N.


"Backshot on the wall btw 


Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about back to sleep 💤"

"An oncomir (also oncomiR) is a microRNA (miRNA) that is associated with cancer. MicroRNAs are short RNA molecules about 22 nucleotides in length. Essentially, miRNAs specifically target certain messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to prevent them from coding for a specific protein."

Which is what the V and G3n3 Th3r@py is doing...


Omicron is a Comic Con!
Comic Convention?

OMI - Old Myocardial Infarction (heart disease)              

a command to an operating system or server for a job that is to be executed at a specified time.
"a cron job".

Emerald City Comic Con — December 2-5, 2021.

C2E2 will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL on December 10-12, 2021.

"Reedpop, for example, has set up dates for Emerald City Comic Con and C2E2 for this fall - and has released some expansive plans for safety in this pandemic times which include - ** PROOF of Vaccine** , * Mask Requirements* , and * Temperature Checks* at some conventions." 🙄

They must have chosen these venues to target the hard nuts who will push back 🤔
People who are mostly children or so child like they believe/hope 🤞 that vaccines - "scientific experimentation with unknown outcomes" and exposure to nuclear fallout may make them Superhero’s/Super Human!



So the question is, will an * incident * occur here?

Will it be used as a springboard on the World Stage in some way?



We already have some of the latest Revelation of the Method ^ here ^ and this is obviously throughout this universe, not limited to this one movie.


But in that one movie, you have SuperSoldiers, Optogenetics and basically Transhumanism just to name a few...


It's what's happening mixed within the fiction of such stories so many people won't even see or feel what's happening because they dismiss the whole aspect as being fiction even if they know about it.

If it's true, why would they tell us? 🤭


If you see this "get the implications of the V" and take a look at the likes of "Astroworld" you may see something at work here... 👀 



Germans are fascists once again?



Are the people going to accept and tolerate this fascism or stand upto it this time by remembering history perhaps?


They're taking the piss out of us by doing this.

It's quite obvious!

They've chosen Germany like this for a reason and to make a point.

People need to make a point back and will ironically be marginalised as being NAZIs...



Germany on Thursday announced a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated, as its leaders backed plans for mandatory vaccinations in the coming months."




Time to consider mandatory jabs - EU chief





Have You seen this?



In 2013 the US Supreme Court ruled that human DNA (the human genome) cannot be patented because it is a product of nature. But if it is genetically altered, it can be patented. When the genome is modified with an adenovirus, the person injected becomes a transgenic person; a transhuman.

According to International Law, it will be the property of the patent holder.

( Mark of the Beast, Dominion and Ownership, you have been patented )

The transhuman will eventually not be considered human, according to the human rights we know.

Most people do not grasp the severity of this reality.

The survivors of this experiment will not only have a modified genome, but this modification will be passed on to their offspring. This is how they will destroy human sovereignty and carry out [geoengineered] transhumanism. We are at war and this is our last chance to defend humanity as we know it.


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So, the question is, which definition of OMICRON are you thinking 🤔 of going with?


 🕸 The Hive Mind 🧠 





MONO = One

CIR - Cerebral Impulse Relay


One Cerebral Impulse Relay

One Mind - Centrally Controlled 




Also in reference to...


"Mononucleosis (mono) is a contagious infection caused by a herpes virus called Epstein-Barr. Other viruses can also cause mono. The infection is common among teenagers and young adults. People with mono experience extreme fatigue, fever and body aches."

Likely cause - Vaccine Damage!


"Could long covid unlock clues to chronic fatigue and other poorly understood conditions?"



The Moon 🌙 is an unnatural satellite a part of a Saturn-Moon Matrix? 🤔



Moon Cerebral Impulse Relay

Operation "Moonshot"🌙 



Being over taken ET's who gave us their minds... 🤔

Who'd a thought that?





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  • 3 weeks later...



The vaccine in the body…
The COVID Rainbow 🌈
The Chakra Rainbow 🌈
The Greek alphabet that depicts the Chakra Points…
The Seven Seals of Revelation…
Wake the fuck up, you’re being had…🥱


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