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buxton snow...no power and water and boris is worried about a poxy variant!


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Saskia Borra

No power at Thomas fields since 8am this morning my grandma and grandad and all the residents have been sat with no water or power all day 😩
Could do with someone providing some large flasks or something so they can at least have a warm drink and maybe bottled water. Surely Dcc or the housing 21 company could help in sourcing this sort thing.
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Jeanine Ledward

Thomas fields had no power since 3.30am no water (no toilets) no lifts and restaurant couldn't provide food as no gas. They have no back up plans and no-one has helped. I've gone to my sister's as freezing. Lots of upset bewilded residents who haven't had a hot drink or meal. Electricity on now but still no water so no heat/toilet facilities. So many vulnerable people it's a worry and totally disgusting.
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this is what the military are paid for not to admin jabs!


Northern Powergrid denies Tory MP’s claim it refused offer of military aid

Henry Jones, PA
Tue, 30 November 2021, 11:20 pm

Northern Powergrid has denied claims by Conservative MP Richard Holden North West Durham that it declined an offer of military assistance as thousands remain without power due to Storm Arwen.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, the North West Durham MP said: “My understanding is that the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy offered military aid to the civil authorities — MACA — this weekend, but that Northern Powergrid refused it.”

A Northern Powergrid spokeswoman told the PA news agency that “no offer of military assistance was made and, therefore, no refusal given”.

Military aid to the civil authorities has been carried out throughout the coronavirus pandemic, including during the construction of a temporary hospital at the ExCel in London, March 2020 (Dave Jenkins/MoD/PA)

“Early on Saturday morning, we participated in an industry mutual aid call. Through this voluntary arrangement, we have utilised specialist engineering resources and equipment from UK Power Networks, Northern Ireland Electricity and National Grid Transmission, with their teams helping us restore power to customers after the impact of Storm Arwen,” the spokeswoman added.


“We have a well established and practised protocol of participating in Local Resilience Forums during major incidents and this is the process where such a request would usually be made or assistance offered. We have made due checks and can confirm that no offer was made or refused.”

The denial comes as 45,000 people remain without power after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc across much of the UK, bringing strong winds, sleet and snow.

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2 hours ago, Itsjaybigjay said:

Went up to Buxton today and most of the snow has gone however the river is now at bursting point and many downed trees. the chap i bought my truck off was telling me some people in more remote arias are still without power.

i'm going up that way friday to take a look round...want to check out earl sterndale area near chrome hill..should be some impressive drifts up there

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