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Super mega armageddon covid cure found - that was fast.


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A British vaccine provides strong protection against the new super duper-mutant Covid strain Omicron Covid variant  is already in the final trial stages, it was revealed last night - considering vaccines take twenty yeras to develop, this is fast

Test results on the formula, developed by the team behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, are due in the next few days. 

B.J. said: Should it prove effective, it could be ready for use within a matter of weeks, it was too late to stop ‘the monster’ variant currently ripping through Southern Africa from reaching our shores, but it was only ‘a matter of time’ before it surfaced here.

 Britain is placed to make the switch quickly thanks to the work of the bill gates funded Oxford AstraZeneca team, and will be available as a series of boosters shots, on top of the current boosters and covid vaccine pills already demanded by the governmen to be declared fully vaccinated. Anyone not taking the new series of boosters will be be declared as unvaccinated.

The government's vaccine task force said:

‘The big question is, are people getting really sick? Are the hospitals full? The answer to that is “No”. 

'Some of my colleagues have called this  a monster. There’s a lot of panic, you should be worried too.

‘We should just stay calm. We need to behave as if this thing is going to create new breakthrough infections. If it does, and that  looks the case, we need to be ready with more drugs and billions of dollars of tax payers money instantly .’

Australia will suspend flights and ban foreign arrivals from nine southern African nations in response to concern about Covid variant of concern, Omicron, all based on strong medical evidence. Ozzie chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, speaking about Omicron:  the government’s measures are strong, swift, decisive and immediate actions, taken on the best medical advice we can buy


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I was just reading about this.  So if this is based on the AZ vaccine, whoever has this booster and has 4 jabs,  will all have had a mixture of vaccines.  These people are mad, surely there won't be many putting themselves forward for another jab...Will there?

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Yes. There is  a list of the new variants on the world economic forum website, to run for a few more years, each variant requires new vaccines, new lockdowns and more stripping away of your rights. As you can see from the snap below, this scam is massive and will kill a lot of people.# WTF



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The suerduper omnicron will lead to absolutle chaos in schools, MPs have warned, with children set to be forced self-isolation by the many new rules coming out

to prevent the spread of the mutant,  close contacts of those who test positive for omicron will have to self-isolate for 10 days. 

Parents have called for children to be exempt from the new self-isolation rules, but B.J. said: NO.

Molly Kingsley, co-founder of parent campaign group UsForThem, said: “We learnt from summer that forcing healthy children to isolate was an unmitigated disaster and it is unforgivable to do that again.

“If they don’t exempt children it will cause chaos in the classrooms. Asking healthy children to quarantine is not a harm-free measure, it is harmful to children who are not at serious risk from the illness. At this point in the pandemic it is shameful for the Government not to have an exemption for children.” B.J. said: Isolation must go ahead, no matter the cost, to keep you safe.

The teaching union was arguing on Sunday night for a return of the bubble system and for all Christmas activities to be axed, as the Government confirmed facemasks would have to be worn in secondary schools.

It comes as a third UK case of the omicron variant, which it is feared could evade vaccines, was confirmed by health authorities.

the Joint Committee on Vaccination approved two new booster jabs for all adults in order to speed up the pace of the multi billion dollar rollout.

the new isolation rules could put all students’ GCSE and A-level mocks  in jeopardy, said B.J. as he announced that from 4am on Tuesday, face coverings will be compulsory in shops, banks, post offices, hairdressers and on public transport in England

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