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Super mega ultra-bad ass armageddon covid hits


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The UK is banning entry from six African countries in the face of a yet another new superduper COVID variant.

The European Union is also planning an "emergency brake" to air travel from southern African, to act immediately and in doing so you get to slow things down in terms of potential entry of a killer disease into the country. They claim it gives them time to work on sequencing the genome, which involves growing cultures: " but we can't take risks when we see a variant which  defeats the vaccine, so more vaccines are needed. We must liase and supply funds to the vaccine manufacturers to combat this new problem before we all die.

The new variant has 30 mutations - twice as many as the Delta variant - which could potentially make it more transmissible and evade the protection given by prior infection or vaccination.

 B.1.1.529 can be detected with a normal PCR test.

 concerns about this particular variant is that it is spreading very, very fast, its rate of growth has been very quick, we think the issue is probably starting from now, so we're asking people to quarantine, self-isolate when they get home and has opened the potential for a new world wide lockdown

The UK Health Security Agency has said the new B.1.1.529 variant identified in South Africa is the "worst one we've seen so far" and has a spike protein that is "dramatically" different to the original COVID strain. Israel said it had detected the country's first case of the variant in a traveller returning from Malawi.

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Are the scientists fleeing to secure remote laboratories to live and work around the clock to find a cure or are they still kicking around in the cities?


Are politicans, civil servants, local government officers, military & police commanders etc. being set-up in secure facilities, outside the population centres, to ensure the continuation of national and local government as the supa dupa COVID hits?


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I dunno. I I have told this to all of the neighbours, all of them certificate carrying, double mask wearing, supervaccinated sheep of the lowest order: they stared at me in wide eyed horror, screamed like little girls, shit their pants, ran home, hid under the bed, began crying like a bitches, playing with their vaginas, sucking their thumbs, and stared at sky news for the answer to all their problems: Please help me MR rupert murdoch, i love you , and please tell me what to do about that bastard neighbour of mine jack, who is always talking shit about you. He's such a creep.

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