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Facts about vaccine deaths/ side effects


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OK. I've also wondered about this as quite a few peeps I know have been jabbed.


I've said for years that vaxxes are a weapon. There's no science behind their claims, the actual facts demonstrate a massive amount of short and long-term damage by jabs. Historically/statistically they've never worked. Yet the myth of effectiveness has been violently defended, why? Because it is a f*cking weapon.


But, you say, only a certain percentage are adversely affected and I too have wondered about this.


However it now turns out as some diligent people have worked at discovering, the chances of getting the 'real' vaccine (and very ill) are  1 in 200. The batches analyzed showed three types - saline (harmless), RNA  only (who knows?) and Full-on (Death shot).


This is how you deploy a stealth weapon. You want as many as possible dead or to-die before too many people find out.

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