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Vrijewereld.org - PDF library

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The little known Vrijewereld.org has a huge collection of freely downloadable conspiracy books in PDF format. While the site is in Dutch most of the books are in English.
There's also a huge collection of videos.

Here are some of the books I recommend that can be found at Vrijewereld.org.


Jim Marrs – Crossfire The Plot That Killed Kennedy


Rodney Stich – Defrauding America


Konstandinos Kalimtgis, David Goldman, Jeffrey Steinberg – Dope inc. Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S.


Gary Webb – Dark alliance


Wim Klinkenberg – Prins Bernhard – Een politieke biografie (in Dutch)


Arthur Koestler – The Thirteenth Tribe THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE


David Livingstone – Terrorism and the Illuminati




Edwin Black – The Transfer Agreement


Ted L. Gunderson – The Finders report


John Marks – The Search for the Manchurian Candidate The CIA and Mind Control


William Engdahl – A Century of War


The book of Chuang Tzu


Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching


H.G. Wells – The Shape of Things to Come (1933)


George Orwell – Animal Farm


Leo Tolstoy – War and peace


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thanks! what a good resource. although i buy books when i can afford to, the price of rare and out-of-print books on the internet is often beyond what i consider to be reasonable. (wouldn't it be nice if people were motivated by moving the collective body of knowledge forward and deeper into truth for the benefit of all? -- and not extracting profit from other people's creative enterprises.) i have been sourcing books from the "internet archive" also: people should check that out, if they are not already aware of it. of course, i would encourage people to show their support to hard-working authors, who often struggle to make a living, buy purchasing their books.


note about amazon and other online retailers for the benefit of those who do not know

i am no longer buying from amazon if i can help it. for a start, i keep receiving damaged goods from amazon. but i only realised recently, amazon is taking a cut that they have not earned. from now on, i am buying direct from the publishers.




i also recommend "crossfire: the plot that killed kennedy" by jim marrs and "the search for the manchurian candidate: the c.i.a. and mind control" by john marks. thanks to the o.p. for the other recommendations: it looks like a good selection. 👍

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