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Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges


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10min Part 1 of what looks to be an awesome doco - just pure raw footage of Kenosha, no commentary.


Killing Kenosha: Jacob Blake to Kyle Rittenhouse | Day 1




I'm sorry but there's no kind way of putting it - I'm sick of the euphemisms and I'm not going to sugar coat reality for a PC world gone mad - praised by our European/Western institutions as noble and virtuous - they openly state they want us dead and the civilization our ancestors fought for, died for and built, torn sunder smote and ruin---- but some savages are going to savage.


Kyle Rittenhouse | Murder or Self-Defense?


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On 11/25/2021 at 5:08 AM, Truthspoon said:



Horse faced... 

You can spot a Jew from a mile away.

Karma does act fast, could bye you horse faced Ki*e


Twitter comment linking Waukesha tragedy and Kyle Rittenhouse verdict costs DuPage County Democratic Party social media director Mary Lemanski her post




joeybtoonz found some footage of this demon.


Check out from timestmp to 8:28



THE PICTURE @6:48!!!!!!!! 🤣

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