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Lockdown in Austria ETC


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This is as bold a move as Germany invading Poland.


It's all or nothing time for Austrians - and will be the same for most other nations eventually.


If they say no, can they all be imprisoned or starved to death or sent to death camps or told that if they leave their homes then they will be shot dead?


Perhaps the army will be told to go into every unvaccinated household and hold them down for forcible jabbing?


Will the rest of the world react like in 1939 or will they stand back and watch?



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They know people like us will never take the fake vaccine.

They know people like us understand the bigger eugenics picture behind this fledgling New World Order.

This is a genius way to identify us get rid of us in one fell swoop.

Mandate vaccines across the whole of society.

Thing is, there are hundreds of thousands of refuseniks in Austria.

A lot of them are hardcore seasoned street fighters too.

I really don't know what the elite's plan is here.

There is not enough room to lock them all up.

Maybe they are trying to force a civil revolt?

Which would hand the government the holy grail of martial law.

And martial law is the ultimate tool of the tyrant.

Actually,  I am sure the elite are all scratching their heads wondering why we haven't revolted yet! 

They have literally crushed our society, stripped our human rights with the covid laws and mandates and destroyed millions of lives.

"What more can we do to get you sheep to rise up!?"


Honk! Honk!


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