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Is the bitch ready to F-off and leave us alone - here's hoping


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Charlie has jetted off again on a private plane to the middle east, the guy who is always talking about climate change and pollution emmissions, and how the people should cut back on gas and electricity usage yet he himself lives in a massive 50 bedroom mansion, is always flying first class private jets everywhere, and now has jetted off to Jordan to the luxury exclusive holiday resorts , labelling it is a fact finding mission done for the benefit of the people. He doesn't really like champagne, caviar, living in five star hotels, but he will endure. He checked on mumsie who missed the Remembrance Sunday service because of bad health. This has raised a lot of speculation if old mumsie is ready to kick the bucket and join paedo phil in whichever hell the child molester is burning in. Mumsie has been  carrying out light duties at Windsor, which means a little less devil worshipping and paedophilia than she is used to, but she will endure.

Sunday was only the sixth time that mumsie has missed the Remembrance Sunday service and the first time in 22 years, She spent a night in hospital on 20 October for health checks. Buckingham Palace said mumsie  has been advised to rest by her medical team in recent weeks, was disappointed not to be able to attend and join in on all the persecution and new laws concerning covid and global warming being discussed.

During their visit, they will visit organisations working in areas they are committed to supporting. The prince will focus on environmental issues, heritage preservation of the crown and all its assets. Camilla will continue her commitment to supporting young women, as well as girls’ education and will visit several orphanages.


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1 hour ago, JONJAY79 said:

Think the Queen has already died they are probably getting things sorted to avoid the new notes with new monarch easier for digital currency to go with digital health passports. 

It's staring us in the face yet sheep are still screaming for lockdowns. 

That's actually a very good point, whether she is dead or not - it cannot be long and everything else is hurtling along at great speed.



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