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An open letter to Wragby GP surgery


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I was recently thrown out of my GP surgery. I got a letter today telling me that good patient-doctor relationship is based on mutual trust and respect and is the cornerstone to good patient care. My response has been published on my site and is an open letter. Visit site


Thank you for your letter dated 11/11/21 whereby you have felt the need to express that a member of your staff feels I recently spoke and acted in an offensive manner.
This is of course, subjective, and if you want my subjective view then your entire staff have recently spoken and acted in a manner which I find not only offensive, but morally wrong and bordering on psychopathic.
During my recent visit to the practice, which was organised by yourselves, I was made to wait for almost 30 minutes when I arrived for my appointment on time and with only 2 people in the waiting room. You should know that I am immunosuppressed. This means I am more vulnerable to illness and infection. So I don't appreciate being made to sit in a waiting room filling up with uncontrolled kids coughing and spitting their chest infection germs everywhere - a chest infection could make me seriously ill. I politely and calmly made this point to the woman who was supposed to carry out my asthma review. Unbelievably, she then had the nerve to say I should be wearing a mask. This offended me for several reasons. First of all, I am asthmatic, I already have enough problems breathing without blocking my airways further, I could hardly believe that an 'asthma nurse' was suggesting this. I also pointed out to her that the masks do not protect you against covid-19 or indeed any respiratory illness, and reminded her that it clearly states this on the side of the box. I also questioned the nurse about the size of germs and indicated that unless your airways were sealed then theres no protection.
Being asked to leave at this point showed that the 'nurse' was clearly offended that I didn't respect her ridiculous views which are flawed and wrong and supported nowhere by the medical profession. There are more peer reviewed studies to support the harm caused by masks that the benefits, especially graphene masks which are now BANNED for health reasons in many countries, but not the UK.
After being thrown out of the practice for what was quite a trivial matter very badly handled by an angry nurse who clearly didn't like me because I have not fallen for the covid hoax I did feel the need to voice my opinion about the vaccinations that you and your staff are pushing on people. I do not care if it offends anyone that I believe these vaccines are seriously injuring and killing people. This is based on evidence and facts. You or anyone else being offended does not change the situation, the evidence, or the facts. 
COVID-19 HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST - it has not been isolated and purified. It has NEVER BEEN DEMONSTRATED that SARS-CoV2 causes Covid-19. The test swabs are coated in Ethylene oxide, it clearly states on the packet, Ethylene Oxide is a substance listed on Cancer.gov as a carcinogenic that you should avoid exposure to, yet testing children several times a week is perfectly acceptable? The Vaccines contain Graphene, aluminium, steel among other contaminants, this has been revealed in numerous independent studies. 
REAL DOCTORS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS NOT BEING PAID BY BIG PHARMA ARE SPEAKING OUT ABOUT THIS. How much commission are you getting to jab people? Money for murder, how much is a child's life worth these days? It was about £6 during swine flu. Utterly sickening, accepting payment to inject unknown, untested substances into kids - this is the definition of mental illness. The consequences will be devastating and the Nuremberg style trials that come will see GPs and their surgery staff rightfully put on trial for murder - in Nazi Germany saying "I was just doing my job" was no excuse for murder and the same principles will be applied to NHS staff when justice is served upon those who have inflicted so much death and harm upon others.
Over 136,000 care home residents were murdered by Government policy after being injected with the lethal injection drug, Midazolam. this is why matt hancock resigned and is being taken to court for MURDER. These deaths are what the government then called the first wave and used as the excuse to lockdown the country, denying medical treatment and freedom to millions, resulting in more death, a pandemic of suicides and a wave of mental health problems that will be with us for generations to come. If you are happy playing your part in this, then keep doing what you are doing. If you are human and have any morals then please consider for one moment that I'm right, think about what you are doing and stop killing people. 
This is a tiny selection of information that is available on the hoax that you have all fallen for. If you have any humanity in you, find out for yourself if this is correct. STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE TOLD AND STOP LISTENING TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. They wont spare you or your family when the time comes. 
You are welcome for the information, what you do with it is your choice, because freedom isn't about being coerced into doing things you do not agree with. 
Whatever happens next, we need to stand together to overcome this tyranny.
Sorry my views offend you. Mass murder offends me. So where do we go from here?


How do you think they will respond?

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Messing with doctors is probably a good way to get certified.....


I think the next step is they will try to section you.....


Just like the FMOTL people fucked up because they thought they could fuck with the law and expect to win.


You will never win. It's their system.


Just stay under the radar, inform people through networks and such..... but don't ever think you can beat the system using its own tools.


No. It just won't work.


Have as LITTLE engagment with the powers that be as possible..... do not get noticed, do not get flagged.

There's a reason Jesus said in the Gnostic gospel of Thomas: "Be passerby."

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I wrote a letter to my GP earlier this year when the NHS were sending out their vaccination letters - I simply asked them to stop contacting me in any relation to any form of vaccination (covid, flu, anything).


They were actually OK about it in their reply, but went off on a tangent talking about other things not even related to my letter (it was short and to the point).

I think it rattled them. I never wrote back - I'm just waiting for any more vaccine propaganda which will instigate my stage 2 response, although whether it's worth my time and thought I'm still not sure of. It all seems so pointless.


As Truthspoon says above, it's probably best to stay under the radar for the time being - I know it's hard (and I feel you'll have got some kind of 'relief' for getting it off your chest with what you wrote - I agree with you btw, I know you're angry... but the great majority of people will have to learn the hard way. It's so sad.)



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