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Covid Testing firm to "sell customers' DNA"


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".....Cignpost diagnostics, which has 71 walk-in locations across the UK, is reported to have delivered up to three million tests since June last year.

The company charges between £35 and £120 for a PCR test and is estimated to have generated tens of millions of pounds from test fees alone......
....The policy also says Cignpost may share customers’ DNA samples and other personal information with "collaborators" working with them or independently, including universities and private companies, and that it "may receive compensation" in return......"
(quoted from the article below.)



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DNA harvesting on a very big scale. Don't underestimate the ones who are happy to work on this.  23 and me is nothing in comparison. The agenda is huge.

On 11/15/2021 at 1:30 PM, eddy64 said:

sequencing somebodies dna takes quiet a long time a few weeks afaik, so i don't think they'll be doing it on a massive scale.  just look at the YouTube videos by 23andme for an idea of what's involved.


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