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Dr Luc Mon.......???


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Can any one provide assistance in locating the dot connector episode earlier this year when David talks about the French professor Dr. luc M something my friend is looking at the links between this scam and similarities with the AIDs so if anyone can direct that would be awesome 

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I didn't watch the David Icke video, so have to make an educated guess...

I hope this helps.


The name is Luc Montagnier, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his role in discovering/inventing the AIDS virus.

In a strange twist, Montagnier has confirmed that HIV is quite harmless for people with a good-functioning immune system (that's like saying that HIV only causes AIDS when somebody already has AIDS)...


Even more bizarre is that during the current plandemic, Montagnier (the same or a double?) has argued that the pictures of the virus show inserts of HIV (he used different words to describe this). But if HIV is harmless, why would that matter Luc?!?

And ignoring that as the magical COVID virus has never been isolated it isn't clear what these pictures are!

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