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Why Trauma Bonding is used in VH/EH & Mobbing i.e Blackmail


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One of the main abusive strategies is to gain access to the chosen singled out victim by the use of implementing a trauma bond into the psyche of the 'voice hearer' by way of inciting an unnatural event like say, for example, strangers repeating what you say within your own head meaning via self-talk, upon an avenge day walking to the store and this will confuse and startle you by way of shock into a highly anxious state of mind, to do this repeatedly will instill a trauma bondwithin you,by which you will be triggered into a negative emotional state by the repeated or eventually expected actions of the perp network (strangers passing you by) as they get their kicks by playing voyeuristic mind games whilst you scramble for the explanations as to why and how this is occurring within your local environment and living space, as like with sex offenders it's their given assumed right to invade yours, especially with the EH/VH or what's described as 'thought broadcasting' with which in truth is actually subvocalization live streaming, as it is a form of Hurtcore where by an unassuming person is covertly filmed or broadcasted for the fetishes and procurements of the paying audience members, upon a portal of sorts as in sex crimes the method would be of a similar nature, Molka would also be a good comparison to draw from, also as well this aspect is easy to understand so is the use of trauma bonding and the use of covert blackmail when the tag is installed, the abuse can feed their fetish once this has been successfully instilled into the choosen victim, dark use of NLP and an over reliance of triggering to comical effect at times, as they compete for you attention in order to affect you or bait you to act out in full view of the public so footage can be obtained.

These are some of the criminal acts that you may be subject to during your targeting or psychosis, as I have attempted to study their dark mind games in order to fully understand what this is all about and the way it's consistent within most VH/EH lived experience.
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On 11/12/2021 at 12:41 AM, Zusies said:

unassuming person is covertly filmed or broadcasted for the fetishes and procurements of the paying audience members,


what objective evidence have you of this ? or is this something YOU BELIEVE is happening ?

that would basically be providing media that could be used to prove your claim, also who would pay such crap like that when they can get full 4k stuff by proper movie stars etc 


the only people interested would be scientists getting DATA and  using mind control techniques on you to manipulate/misdirect you 

and yes they are developing RF/microwave RADAR systems to monitor people in their home 


No photo description available.


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treating someone like crap for a period of time, saying bad things, then saying good things, is a good way to get part of them at least (childlike aspect) to react.

It's insidious and whoever has developed and refined that method, deserves and endless kicking in the balls or tit punches. Although you don't know if a person doing it to you, is doing because they have had it done to them and part of them recognises that tactic as effective. eg. Abusee's becoming abusers

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