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Economic cycles


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Sir / Madam,

Here is the ecomomic up by reckoning. Other years down by varying degrees .

Appropriate on Armistace day.

1809 -(9 yrs)-1818

1824 -              1833

1839 -             1848

1854 -        1863


1872 -(6 yrs) 1878

1887 - 1893

1902 - 1908

1917 - 1923 (1917 war 'peters out' after 1917 peak)


1929 - (9 again) 1938

1944 - 1953 (1944 war 'peters out' D-Day expense represents peak)

1959 - 1968 (1967 gold reserve currency devalued)

1974 -  1983


1992 - (6 again)1998 (1997 time to buy property - sell 2001 and into gold)

2007 - 2013 (2011 sell gold and 2012 into property)

2022 - 2028 (2030 out of property and into gold - biggtime! 60 years after UK pound devalued the US Dollar may weaken prior to stong gold price rise.

2037 - 2043


6 again for upper. 


As well as credit cycle there is the gold investment cycle and the cash investment period (seen after 1987 crash).


Cool Huh? 6 and 9 being flipped,as numerals anyways.


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Just a note about your 69er investment thesis. Regarding dollar devaluation. I'd just like to add that yes you can say the Dollar is declining. But it's declining a lot slower than other currencies and has 'hoovered' up and already replaced failed fiat currencies in many countries. So decline in gold and in satoshis, but it will more than likely strengthen by a considerable margin against other currencies....if policies remain the same.

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So we see the 3 components of the economy

Debt -- Cash money -- Gold.

Debt is regulated by the Credit Cycle. 

Cash money has phases when it is just sitting in a bank account with no attempt to increase its value. (although weak banks can take some peoples money away)

Gold investment phases. When  gold increases in value - its price and because inflation decreases value of cash. Such as 1910 - 1920 and 1970 - 1980.

(the weakness in the currency in which gold is sold being a 'buy' signal. In 1907 there was weakness in the markets (get ready to buy gold) and in 1967

Pound Sterling devalued and at that time gold sold in Sterling.

The economy is thus in a 120 (two related 60 year cycles). We thus approach 1910 - 1920 and should look-out for equivalent 1907 market weakness.

The Illuminatae do not buy shares but short markets where cash has been used to buy commodities, stock, currencies.

All the best



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I watched this tv documentary on Alchemy where they were trying to change base metals into gold.

I reckon that's what drives the 'mechanism' of civilisation forward - the change of

base metals into gold over time. This transformation being represented by the phases of the economic cycle.

 The money lending (representing base metals used in stuff to buy or mortgage such

as the copper and lead used in building construction) turns to cash-money (silver) and this (later in the cycle ) is then sent into gold.

The Vamps eventually owning all the gold.

I reckon that this was what the Vamps wanted their economic cycle to 'mimic' - the activity of a (mythical) Alchemist. They really

are masters with a pendulum (or in Ancient Eygypt - plumb bob)


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