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Martin Luther


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On 11/11/2021 at 12:31 PM, alexa said:


Did you know that Martin Luther also wrote a book called 'On the Jews & their lies'? You can buy it, but it may also be available on pdf.




Martin Luther, pioneer of the Protestant Reformation, certainly accomplished some creditable things. He saw right through the false doctrine of Purgatory as being nothing more than a money-grab scheme on the part of the clergy at the time. His efforts also saw to the Bible being made available to the common folk, aided by the invention of the printing press. Sadly, however, by the end of his life he had turned into a contemptible Jew-hater, something which is obviously not of God and totally at odds with biblical Christianity. This, just another example among many of the satanic hatred for Jews that has always existed since the beginning of recorded history, before the Protocols were ever written and attributed to some 'Jewish' cabal and prior to the creation of the Zionist state in 1948.

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I tend to see him as a 'false Christian' based on the series on YouTube about the 30-Years war. The financing for those wars against the RCC were funded by the Dutch Slave Trade. I tend to think the RCC was the more moderate of the two sides.

That is this bit:


In 1501, at age 17, he entered the University of Erfurt, which he later described as a beerhouse and whorehouse.[18] He was made to wake at four every morning for what has been described as "a day of rote learning and often wearying spiritual exercises."[18] He received his master's degree in 1505.[19]


The Norman conquest is when those traditions began. For France, the defeat came when the Queen said the surfs 'could eat cake'. Belgium was a 'gift'  for not exterminating the Royals.


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