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What percentage of people you know have taken the Covid injection

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What percentage of people you know have taken the Covid injection  

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  1. 1. What percentage of all the people you know have taken 1, 2 or 3 of the Covid injections

    • 90-100%
    • 70-90%
    • 50-70%
    • 30-50%
    • 10-30%
    • less than 10%

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A friend I tried to warn about it is suffering after 2 shots, just ill constantly since he took them. Can't keep food down vomiting, losing weight feeling weak and generally feeling awful. Immune systems shot.

I wonder if it was because of the jabs. No evidence aside from it starting afterwards. (!)


As a balancer, nobody I know died yet despite my whole family taking the stuff they're still here, (as am I with none, they expected me to die) and one of them had no immune system before they took the modified horsepiss so there's no judgement to be made from her being constantly ill also. Again it's conjecture but I reckon she's worse still up to before definitely taking 3 or 4 shots I dunno which, we don't talk much since I'm a 'conspiracy theorist' and not 'woke'


There's an omicron shot now huh? I swear I despair. Final conjecture - TV tells you snorting asbestos can combat heart disease, how many thick bastards would consider it? I bet it wouldn't be zero.


It altered everyone who took some. And I feel sorry to an extent for them because nobody knows everything- The ones that listened and ignored though, that's their problem.





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There is only 1 other person I know, other than me,  that has not had the vaccines. Most have had the two shots plus one booster.


A few seem to have ongoing colds and a couple skin rashes but so far they seem to be okay.  I really worry for my son and his wife  who had 4 jabs each.  I really hope they dont have any more.  I told my son that I thought his rash may be due to the vaccine, it has at least made him think about the safety of them,  more than he did before.


My daughter only had one dose and had symptoms of muscle spasms for 2 weeks, she didn't take anymore.


I seemed to have noticed a grumpiness in some people, especially younger ones, that weren't like that before the vaccines.

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On 12/8/2021 at 3:29 PM, noo62 said:

I work in Health & social Care and out of around 70 staff, I think about 65 have had it.  I've not had it although all my family have.  My sister had the AZ for the first 2 doses but was given a Moderna booster yesterday.  She had no idea why, she wasn't told beforehand, whats that about?  Why is it suddenly absolutely fine to mix doses?


I have no idea why people go along with all this.  Intelligent individuals queueing for vaccines without question.  

I agree, all of a sudden they are making sure everyone has a mix of doses,  Very strange

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