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I think I may have gotten a pakistani/Iranian in trouble...

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So we were talking at the till. Of course I'm the cursomer.


I said to him though I might sing my praises I wish we were in another situation, one where you could say where I'm wrong but the customer is always right.


Then he said I like you. Then I reacted I like you too as I was telling him about the white people who embarrassed me falling head over heels for you unconditionally.


I think I might have gotten the guy in trouble for being gay. I'm only a little bit gay, mostly straight but choice males will stand out to me.


I'm anti-immigrant and British people are biased against Pakistanis, I've had to fend of a few of them in literal sword battles myself.


This though was a special moment, the ones the left fetishize.




The thing is the left doesn't understand is that capitalism, socialism, any of it, they ruin it. I would trust a right winger more with immigration and so on than a left winger.


Left wingers are jealous of us. They're desperately trying to make the most out of immigration, homosexuality and everything else and all they do is once again ruin everything for everyone.


These special romantic moments however, how can you have it on the left? You romanticised immigration and sucked all of that out of it.


Some things were meant to be, some not. Leftist stay out of our relations. Just because you ruined yours doesn't promote you to ours.


My gay experience is my own, stop doting on it because of your lame lack of experience.


He was shocked to learn that my father was a Muslim (famous, one of the first white British people to convert) and then that I lost my parents and had to raise myself. Though it turned him on to no end, a self made man. Out of all the things I can say wrong about Muslims the one thing I can abide by is that they love to meet their maker.

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