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Seeing the same number everywhere?

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Hi everyone, 

I know there are other topics on here covering the number 33, however I felt this deserved a new topic because it specifically relates to my own experience of seeing this number everywhere for the past year or so. 

I was already familiar with the esoteric significance of the number 33 before it started appearing everywhere and although I have read about people being haunted by numbers or patterns of some kind I never expected this to happen to me, although I wouldn't say it haunts me, it doesn't bother me, it's just always there. I don't recall exactly when this started happening but I'd guess it was within the last 2 years and the frequency of how often this appeared to me was way too much be considered a mere coincidence. I'm all too aware that when you focus on something you can subconsciously be drawn to it but this was something else. Still today, the number is chasing me several times a day. 


Some odd information that may or may not be relevant to this...


Sadly, my brother passed away in July 2019 after taking his own life. A few months ago, maybe 6 or more, I asked the family if the number 33 meant anything to anyone, my Dad told me that my brother had told him he used to see it everywhere. I'd had no previous knowledge of this and hadn't even told anyone that I was seeing it, I just asked if it meant anything to anyone else. My brothers girlfriend also confirmed that he used to have a thing about the number 33. 


I'm not suggesting this is connected, but it's definitely a strange coincidence. I've come to the conclusion that someone or something is trying to tell me something, but it's not clear what that is. What I will say is that it was responsible for getting me back into writing and updating my website, that was the message I took from it. Prior to this I'd not written for 3 years, but in the last few months the whole site has been refreshed and updated. I still see 33 a lot so I don't know what the significance is.  I've not found a lot about 'patterns' which is what I believe this is called. If anyone has any info or suggestions then please share. 

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