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8 hours ago, DannyUK said:



Mind Control Galore I stand corrected - The puppet masters are playing games people



Ye and Alex Jones Break the Internet in MUST SEE New Interview!





Kanye Goes on Infowars, Praises Hitler, Gets Banned from Twitter



The Manchurian Candidate (2004) Trailer


🦋 Feel it all on the new Sky Sports 🦋


Project ARTICHOKE: The Manchurian Candidate | CLASSIC - Remember what the dormouse says?


Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit - Feed your head 🧠



10 Assassinations in History




Catcher In The Rye - CONSPIRACY THEORY (1997)





CIA'S Human Experiments With Mind Control: Project MK ULTRA








Alan Watts - Exploring Your Dark Side



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On 12/2/2022 at 2:05 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


It's mind control for the viewers, I don't think Ye is mind controlled. That probably does happen, especially to the more vapid pop stars, but Kanye is being stage managed by someone.




This guy is making my religion look bad, when he keeps using that Bible as a prop piece.


Serious people that have been working for years to expose the elephant in the room, they're going to have more of an uphill battle now because of last nights clown show.


This is exactly my point...


TPTB will be using mind controlled stooges to play this role of superficial rhetoric when it comes to religion and christianity like this.

This is to make a mockery out of it.

Just as they're making a mockery out of revelation and end times prophecies to create the one world religion, they need to play religious prophecy off against one another so they flow toward a central channel.

Just as they will be using fake revolutionary stooges who appear to be saying all the right rhetoric but this is a form of controlling the revolution to achieve a level of order and conformity through the rebellion to usher in change just as they always have to the best of their ability. Only this right now is on a much bigger scale, only possible through the use/misuse of technology.


Mind Control is much more prevalent than many people may believe or understand and of course, it can be very difficult to tell other than simply stating a vast majority of actors and artists are propped up into position by TPTB to play roles which they fully control. They of course fear someone being a public influential figure who uses their platform, their image/persona that has been created through what has to be a mainstream channel to bring influence elsewhere, places that actually matter and then speak out against TPTB and say some of the things we're talking about here to a wider audience. Unless of course they can control that rage, that outlet and again use them as though this is actually happening, but it's someone they still control to achieve an end, usually disharmony/division and chaos but it's actually carried out in an orderly fashion because its controlled by them...

So, it makes sense that these people would want to be as controlled as possible and it is the perfect testing ground before such technology is used far and wide on the public. Lets face it, actors can be complete brain dead idiots for all we know, so long as they look the part and can imitate, they're the ideal glove puppets to use them in various roles until this is actually used more on the mass public and this encompasses genetic engineering and such.

It's quite obvious that genetic tinkering is at work with actors and artists who look so much like other actors and artists as this is part of the same technology at work and on public display often dismissed as coincidental. They're experimenting through actors and artists and manipulating/influencing consciousness of the mass public by so many people holding their gaze upon such a people I'm sure. This sort of glamorising this state of being as a point of attainment can actually help bring this fallen state of man into place because we actually desire it, playing consciousness off against itself. This is how i see it anyways...


Mind Control has gone from learning how to make an assassin, which basically means getting someone to carry out any task no matter how extreme that they most definitely would not want to do, as if you can get someone to kill another against their own will, they will do pretty much anything for you, to how to make figureheads finger puppets to all sorts of public figure puppets. This has led to transhumanism implants/technology and such, these are accessories of mind control and wouldn't exist if it wasn't for their purpose of mind control, they just get rebranded as if offering an altogether different purpose like most tech that comes to use through prior military applications usually involving DARPA. People can basically be put under hypnosis and have explained to them the script and role they're to play without them even being consciously aware of it and then they appear on the platform they're to attend and it plays out without it appearing contrived or robotic but sometimes this can breakdown and go wrong.This doesn't mean absolutely everything is controlled just the stage is set and designed and then it plays out however it plays out so it appears somewhat authentic and natural.

This is why when key words/trigger words are said to certain people they can freeze up like they're within a trance because their mind believes they're now to be within the receptive mode/download state that their handler is otherwise supposed to trigger, it's the same mindset as being paralysed by fear/trauma, to be given orders under hypnosis and this has again gone into technology so this state can be triggered through technology instead of keywords or various triggers that it's possible they may come up against by mistake, but instead something more unique.


This isn't even a new idea as some may believe who actually know this is going on and researched it, it has been shown as a concept through movies for a long time, even some subtle hints in early Bond movies. This of course isn't complete Sci-Fi but showing this concept as though it's fictional and a revelation of the method. Due to this, many will then dismiss these ideas/concepts as mere works of fiction, which is basically enabling the process and a sort of pact that they've told us and we are allowing it to continue so in their minds they deserve to get away with it and so on.


"'Brain drain' is revealed as brainwashing when Palmer learns that IPCRESS is an acronym for 'Induction of Psycho-neuroses by Conditioned Reflex under strESS'. Yet before Palmer can confirm that scientists are being brainwashed, he is kidnapped and subjected to the IPCRESS process."



This is of course my basic and general understanding of whats going on and its more subjective how it relates to "Ye"/Kanye but I do feel he is a victim under the influence/spell of another with an agenda and vested interests and is being played so he can play other people. Just as victims of pedophilia are often used when they're older to procure other victims. It's very similar...


"Well change your god
To the bitch goddess."



Can you imagine this type of technology applied to acting?

It would make the best actors wouldn't it, who can be hypnotised to not just play any role but believe it's absolutely real and that's who they're and what they're doing.

Just like a hypnotist says you won't see such and such, well you won't see the cameras or production crew, you'll either believe them to be people in the crowd, passers by or you just won't see them until you've finished the scene etc this state would have to be triggered in and out.

I'm completely convinced this is the case and is occurring, no one could convince me otherwise but it's not my place to try and persuade anyone this is actually happening, nor would I want anyone to just believe me, look and think about it for yourselves. It's obviously very difficult to prove unless someone from the same cesspit reveals such.

If you take a look at COVID for example, just how many actors and artists didn't just comply but encouraged the fascism and supported it, even right up to present day and very few went against the grain. Or likewise those zombies sucking up to the Ukraine Freemasonic chess move. People can of course deal with this by saying those people are just protecting their careers or simply acting. But I can't believe that so many people lack this much integrity or don't have a brain capable of reason and seeing whats what and that somethings not right. Which makes me see that they must be under the influence and this is vast and wide for so many to be this under the thumb of the establishment. Anything else i find unreasonable, that majority simply mustn't have a choice...


"The final push
The last battle
Eden restored
Man is cattle
We want your oil
We want your land
We'll take your wealth
You'll have much less"



Satanic Mother Mary - "Virgin AI" - Unable to procreate "Virgin" Mockery - Yet will replicate itself within everyone and hypnotise the masses

Potentially "Virginia" home of the CIA of course...


"Well change your god
To the bitch goddess."




"Terrify them
Complete submission
This our goal
This our mission
Destroy your customs
You'll have no say
We'll clothe your women
The western way"



"It's a global abrasion
It's conflagration
United Nations
It's a Total Invasion"


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The Nature Of Reality - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast



It does seem that day and night, sun and the moon are in a constant battle over the physical plane of existence, that is an illusion but the illusion is bound by duality or what appears to be perpetual warfare…



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