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David Icke needs to speak to Rick Strassman MD about the presence of reptilians in DMT research.


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I dont know if David knows of Rick Strassman MD. Strassman done a clinical double bind study on DMT to study the side effects of it. What happened is that the participants in the study all came into contact with reptilian creatures.


Also interestingly they all had the same experience of being subjected to a change in their vibrational frequency before perceiving & seeing the reptilians. So this backs up Icke's assertion from his video the other week, concerning the reptilians and their use of vibrational frequencies to restrict human consciousness;








In 1990 groundbreaking research began at the University of New Mexico. Federal government funding had been allocated to investigate N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, the most powerful psychedelic on planet Earth. Also known as DMT or the ‘spirit molecule’, it is a naturally occurring chemical compound that can be found in both plants and animals. Rick Strassman, a highly respected medical doctor and associate professor of psychology, conducted the clinical trials. He administered over 400 injections to 60 diverse test subjects. What was disclosed during the five-year project would permanently alter his perception of reality.


Voluntary candidates underwent a rigorous vetting process. Each received full psychological evaluations to ensure they were of sound mind and had no underlying mental illness. Upon completion of the initial screenings, physicians performed detailed physical examinations. Laboratory tests and electrocardiograms verified who possessed optimal physical health. An initially large number of prospects was whittled down to a final group of carefully selected examinees. Age, gender, ethnicity, occupations, and religious beliefs varied widely. To remove external influences and maintain environmental control, participants did not have any contact or communication with one another.


Sessions took place in a clinical hospital setting. Medical staff injected the drug intravenously and doses varied with each session. Researchers wanted the unsuspecting recipients to avoid developing any preconceived expectations. Nurses closely monitored the patient’s vitals including temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. During certain experiments, pupil dilation was also measured. Twenty minutes after receiving the infusion, Dr. Strassman questioned them about their experiences. Respondents were asked what they felt, heard, tasted, smelled, and observed. A startling revelation soon surfaced: more than half of the volunteers described encountering nearly identical reptilian entities.


Remarkable similarities consistently occurred in firsthand reports from the experiencers. Once the DMT takes effect, colorful kaleidoscopic mandalas shift into focus and an overwhelming vibrating sound surrounds them. It continuously intensifies until the user is ejected from their body and catapulted into another realm. Suddenly they are inside a room filled with bizarre apparatuses. Reptilian creatures swiftly appear as if awaiting the person’s arrival. Other subservient nonhuman visitors are frequently present including massive mantises, robotic androids, and grey aliens. The reptoids converse telepathically while executing various tests. Psychonauts are crippled by a sensation of profound dread. 







1: Note the change & shift in the vibrational frequency in the volunteers. So the DMT raises the vibration to such an extent that the physical limitations of the body are bypassed and they can see & perceive the reptilians.


2: Note the reptilians use of fear as a weapon in an attempt to lower the vibration. They used fear as a means to try to feed on the participants. But the DMT must have blocked that or protected them with a higher form of vibration


3: Note that the study showed that 50% of volunteers all had the same experience with the reptilians. So statistically that is impossible given the odds.


4: David should hunt down all the research from the study & maybe put in a FOI request to The University of New Mexico.




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