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I Want to Help

Michelle T

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I’m a highly intelligent, informed woman in the United States and I want to help. I want to work with you. I work with people who have Masters degrees. I’m an Army veteran. I have refused the vaccine. I work for the Government. They are waiting on guidance to process my “accommodation.” 

I write well. I’m in contact with spirit guides. I read intuitive tarot and Oracle. I am an editor. I can create web pages, blogs, create content.


I really want to work for ICKONIC. The forum. Anything. I have information that would be useful. I use discernment to view current events. 

I can be your voice in America. I live in the western part of the US. I could report or do anything! I just want to be a part of the ICKONIC team! 


I know this isn’t the proper way to try this and I expect it will be deleted. I understand. If you could forward my information on, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m probably not allowed to post an email address either. I know I could make a huge difference and add substantial worth to the project. 

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You will have learnt useful skills in the Military, another helping hand never goes amiss, you have many outlets around the internet and you will find many willing to pushback. You will also find here and elsewhere a positivity that grows with it. Thanks, your offer of help doesn't go amiss. 

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Hi Michelle, If you have anything specific you wish to share then you are welcome to send it my way for consideration to be included on my site. 

I run conspiracytruths.co.uk, the site is non-profit so I can't offer you anything more than a space to get your information out there, but if you want to get in touch you can email me direct at [email protected]



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