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These are our superiors


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B.J. has been severely bollocked for sitting next to population reduction advocate davy attenborough without wearing a face mask. This row of healthy looking specimins are the ones who are supposed to look up to and obey, as they are better than us, but can they even stay awake through their own propoganda?

Even super knobnead B.J. could not find the strength to put up with all the shit. Surrounding world leaders were heard to say: "So disrespectful and thoughtless. Masks are mandatory inside conference or exhibition centres when visiting Scotland. That’s a law.” - Obviously these genuises do not know the difference between a law and a mandate.

COP26 organisers said: People should wear a face covering at all times, except when eating, drinking, sitting in office and meeting spaces or conducting negotiations, - So this means the virus is so super intellegent and will not attack if there is food in your mouth, or if you are sitting down, or talking in negotiations - Wow!

B.J got himself out of trouble by stating the obvious: Attendees and delegates are not required to wear a face mask when they are seated, as per guidance


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