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Social Experiment and nothing more.


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There is no such thing as Covid 19.

It was designed by Bilderberg group to crash the economy.

All you people are very wrong. Its this Global take over.

You people have never studied history.

You listen to some infowars guy. 

Why dont you google the Industrial Age.

Alex Jones and David Icke are half right. 

There is a central force behind Covid.

But from all science according to them.

Economics is the leading subject of the world not Science.

Why would a federal reserve bank run by Rothschilds crash an economy with no ROI?

More lockdowns? Where is the return? ROI$

You all on here, do you know what an ABSORTION RATE is?


Absorbtion rate, is an accounting term. A nappy full of wet liquid.

I think, what we need to do as people who think this is about global domination. 

Is start getting some qualifications and read books. Cos you all talk fairy stories...


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Oh look another newbie .... actually the issue is the resetting of this realm .... that it is thought to occur within the next 80 years (or by the year 2100 anyway) .... that the only way to stop it is the use of hidden tech and to use that, a limited number of trans-humans (removed of all which is good) is required to interact with the tech and they need to be adjusted by 2050, so as to be implanted by 2075.

If the 'reset' cannot be stopped then this realm will be started again 8 million years in the past (as we consider it) .... all good fun lol

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