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Hi Everyone,

My name is Liam and I have been running the conspiracytruths.co.uk website since 2009. 

I was introduced to Icke's work in 2008 and I began the website with a series of articles on Swine Flu and vaccinations.

I've been a big supporter of Icke and his work for many years and while I can't claim to have the detail of knowledge that David has, I'd like to think that my site has a good amount of resources for anyone exploring the world of conspiracies and global manipulation. 

I update the site regularly with exclusive articles and have recently added a news section connecting you to various sites and researchers around the globe. 


You can visit the Latest Updates here

or visit the Latest News articles here


If you enjoy the site and the content, please share us. We have no advertising, no sponsorship, and no funding of any kind. I have operated this website at a personal cost to me for 13 years and the site will continue to be non-profit, all that is important to me is communicating the information and encouraging others to research for themselves.


Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to visit my site. I hope you find it resourceful, entertaining and informative. If you have any feedback, or you wish to submit anything then please use the contact page on the website. 


[email protected]



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