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On 10/28/2021 at 9:30 AM, alexa said:

I thought it would be nice to take a fun trip down memory lane, feel free to give some of your favorite memory lane things, pics, etc.

here are a few of mine which takes me back to my child hood.


Everyone talks about everything except a future possible world that we could create if we all agreed upon it and then set about working together to achieve it


Even in the truth movement no one seems to do this


The bad guys have a vision that they are working together to achieve and yet we can't seem to visualise one for ourselves

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16 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:


It had me briefly obsessed with wardrobes. I never found a magical land at the back. But I once shared a nice moment (innocent!) with a girl in one at a party around that time. All of 7 years old.

I can remember checking out the back of an old wooden wardrobe & hoping there'd be doors at the back that opened. I was willing it to be, but no good :-(

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3 hours ago, RobSS said:


I haven't seen Andy Pandy since I was about 5, so it was fun watching that again, especially as they were joined by Teddy and the rag doll, Looby Loo and her song, "Here we go Looby Loo, Here we go Looby Light, Here we go Looby Loo, All on a Saturday night!"

Did you watch the tea-time children's programme, The Magic Roundabout, with Dougal, Brian, Ermintrude & Dylan, who all live in a place called, 'The Magic Garden'?




 Ha! I did, Remember Zebedee ? 😅

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48 minutes ago, alexa said:


 Ha! I did, Remember Zebedee ? 😅


How did I forget Zebedee, my favourite character!




My second favourite was Dougal (the Skye Terrier bottom left), and third favourite, Brian the snail ...



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1 minute ago, alexa said:


Were you lucky enough to have a Hornby? It's just not fair 😠 I always wanted one😄


I had an loco that puffed real smoke! I also liked electronic transistor sets, chemical sets and Meccano sets. In terms of 'real' games, one of my favourites was  Mousetrap!



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15 minutes ago, alexa said:


Yes, remember when you could stack about 6 singles on the players stem. 🎶:classic_biggrin:

didn't know vinyl's a record players are deemed old hat, geez only just got my limited edition coloured vinyl's 180 gram cut and remastered at half speed. 

well thunderbirds space1999 button moon Mr. ben sesame street ooh I could keep going lol

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