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Legitimate channelers?


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On 11/20/2021 at 8:58 PM, Mr H said:


I used to be a channeler. More specifically an Akashic Records Consultant as a second paid job. I have at the moment stopped doing it because I found it very disempowering. Note I may change my stance on this later but this is how I feel right now. The reason why I say this is because the person receiving cannot really verify what you are telling them, they have to just believe you. In a way I found it is a bit like them giving their power away. Not that I ever had any mal intention. I would just prefer it if people did it themselves. And there is no real magic in it. It is pretty much like how the above poster says.


All channelers follow a similar process following similar principles.


Really. Clearing the space. Asking for protection. Clearing yourself out so you are not in the ego. Then set your intention to what you want to channel in to. Upgrade your frequency to match that which you intend to channel (maybe the only part that may need slight guidance but not necessarily). Then remove yourself and allow totally whatever comes.


Some modalities put in a fancy formula, but it is pretty much the principles set above.


I suggest trying for yourself and see how you get on. Makes a big difference if you are already leading a clean healthy lifestyle. If you don't then you can DM and I can put you in touch with my teacher, but he ain't cheap, none of them are!!

I'm a channeller and I am one of the people involved in getting rid of the akashic records, which contains The Matrix. I actually came down here specifically to do it. They've been deposed because they were extremely dangerous and false and it had things in it that should never be seen again. It's probably why you found it so disempowering because it is disappearing. You should focus on the Pleiadian Records instead. You'll find them if you can see bright blue lines in space! They can deal with this far better because they are clean and honest and not full of the filth, lies and the misery of the murky akashic records. You might even learn something new and happy, like what's going on outside this realm of the Turd Dimension which is astrally locked into the akashic records. It's been our prison.


The fact you feel you have to protect yourself by asking who (?) which didn't really work anyway because only a few decent people had access to those levels where the darkies were travelling freely until a few years ago, means that it's bad. BTW You're reading the akashic records right now in front of you on whatever device you are using to view this material. It's called The Matrix Akashic Records. So anyone can read them. Also when you watch the TV as I'm an expert in the TV Akashic Records as well and all the others. I'm digging into that right now and it's not the first time I've played with the TV Akashic Records because it's not supposed to be there... >:) Hopefully it will be as sensational as it was the last time I got to The Box. Space On >:)  


Somebody mentioned me on the thread. I am Andromeda, that's my brain >:) It's not a brag, I'm not the only galaxy mind down here, Icky is as well, he's Source Man from the Pleiadian constellation but I don't think he knows himself. He did tell me to me head though! That's why he is so different. I know who he is. It wouldn't surprise me if some others that are wandering around on The Corridor here on the forum also have galactic minds as well. That's where all Creation comes from, the Star Blueprints of all life :) 

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hi all



re: sharing what i've learned about channeling (but can't verify)



- according to stewart swerdlow, channelers are channeling their own programmed subconscious-mind.
- according to karl mollison, something like 90% of channelers are channeling an "imposter": a space-alien or a dark-spirit entity from the lower-astral-plane.



my intuition is that both of these guys are right. mind-control is the illuminati's method-of-operation: the programming of the subconscious-mind can be achieved via satellite transmissions, targeting the individual or the collective. psychic space-aliens can access your mind via hyperspace and the dark-spirit entities and attachments are an influence you are unable to perceive with your seven senses. exactly how these mechanisms work is beyond my knowledge and direct experience; but i am all-but-convinced that this is the truth (in outline).



wishing you all perspicacity (clear insight)

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The only one you can truly trust is yourself. We all have the ability to do this, I am developing it myself.


The problem for me is that sometimes I do not want to see, or when I do see it is too much for me to process or "rationalize" and apply it on this plane of existence.


The more I recognize and heal from my past trauma, the more I allow myself to see and the more useful the information becomes...


I hope this is helpful. Good luck and godspeed



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hi all


i spend a lot of time listening to clif high and i came across this old video where high talks about channeling. although i can't verify the information, i believe that it will add to the body of knowledge. keep in mind that high has gained experiential knowledge of consciousness by experimenting with drugs and meditation.


clif high's warning about the danger of channeling, 1:01:33


have a great day all

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I once watched a series that is on GAIA called Interviews with Extra Dimensionals, some interesting interviews, people and information. But like anything decide for yourself if the people, information and interviews are worth your time or not. Even if for entertainment purposes only it has some interesting interviews.

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