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Has anyone looked into Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett’s work?

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They focus on British history, concluding that we are taught a Hebrew version of history which isn’t our true history. They reckon King Arthur was an important figure, dates are deliberately mixed up all over the place to make events seem random.


Finally their big claim is about Jesus, who was from noble lineage. That he didn’t die on the cross as he was only there for 6 hours, but he was given hyssop. A plant or something of 3/4 ingredients that will knock someone out like anaesthetic for surgeries. So in this case this will have been knocked out for a few days, and come around again, never died. 


After that Jesus came to South Wales and was called the Fisher King. (Also known as the Wounded King or Maimed King, a character in the Arthurian legends, who was the last in a long bloodline charged with keeping the holy grail. I think they believe Jesus was an incredible person in history, who had the true ability to connect with god like no one else... A big claim, was wondering if anyone had ever looked into these? If there’s anything to their books, mix of truth/ disinformation, or all nonsense. 


One youtube channel that dives deep into these topics featuring his work and interviews is this... would be interested to hear people’s thoughts on this 



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1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:

Richard D Hall did a series called "The Forensic Historians" on his RichPlanet show:



Some very interesting stuff in there, though its been a couple of years since I watched them.



That’s where I’ve come across their work. Also I spelt Baram wrong because of autocorrect, could it be changed please? 

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  • Grumpy Owl changed the title to Has anyone looked into Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett’s work?

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