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Seeing Writing on money?

Vic Sage

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Hope I've phrased this suitably safely(?), a strange random thought I had. (Admittedly I'd been drinking.) I read online that according to the Currency and Banknotes Act 1928 (UK), it's illegal to write on or otherwise deface money, However, on many occasions I've received notes (£5, £10, £20, etc) with writing on them. What would happen if someone or multiple people started writing on notes, on say around the white border/edges so as not to affect the value, words or slogans, eg "covid 1984", "plandemic" or "the vaccine is a virus", etc? How would they know who did it? As a lot of people still carry/use cash, it would be harder to miss/Ignore than say random grafitti or posters in the street.  Alternatively, if such behaviour became widespread, would it just encourage further random writing and also draw negative attention and encourage a hastening of a cashless society?

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Hi Vic, BossCrow posted a pic in the cv mega thread of a bank note with writing on; there was another pic the other day as well.


It doesn’t matter imo if it’s ‘illegal’ or not, seeing as what the scum are doing to us; I think it’s a great idea.


Page 3408


And another on the next page







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