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The Unvaccinated To Be Blamed for Deaths Caused By The Jab


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The war on the unvaccinated has begun. As deaths start to happen due to the vaccination it will be blamed on new Covid variants caused by unvaccinated people. Unvaccinated people will be attacked on the street as children begin to die due to the jabs and the vaccination will be made mandatary as the public are manipulated into demanding it. Problem Reaction Solution. They are already releasing stories to vilify unvaccinated people.


Unvaccinated People Are Fueling Coronavirus Variants

10 Aug 2021 https://www.healthline.com/

Unvaccinated could be breeding ground for Covid variants

17 Jul 2021 https://www.theguardian.com/


Unvaccinated people are 'variant factories,' infectious

3 Jul 2021  CNN

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Laugh out loud. This woman who has untold billions of pounds worth of assets could donate a few quid for more hospitals for her citizens but no! She's very high up in the Masonic order of the United Kingdom and doesn't

care less about ordinary folk.


44 Mason ring ideas | freemasonry, masonic, masonic symbols


The Queen says Covid vaccine hesitant people 'ought to think about others rather than themselves'



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I figured the war on the unvaccinated began in march 2020 and it was always going to come down to weeding out the dissenters who refused the then miracle hope of a vaccine. Remember- it was supposed to work back then ;)


Not to try and sound smart, I would class myself as semi smart-  but I have seen the buildings popping up across usa and uk, there were videos one which I mocked with a soundtrack of roy orbison, of people ripped out their homes by people in hazmat suits in china. That got deleted in about 40 minutes - my first ever youtube upload :) Not bad huh? (it wasn't for music copyright)

There were a few videos, designed imo to scare people into the groove that weren't quite adamant enough to hold the line indefinitely. Every little helps right tesco?


Even talk in the uk about demolishing buildings (ffs) that once housed the infected, do you remember??


I figured that one day we all will have to decide if when we are called upon, we walk off peacefully to get the shots or fight as best we can knowing it's probably a losing battle. At least on our own.


There'll be plenty more steps in between yet though hence the detainment centers popping up.. Trying to make your life hell until you break and submit like an animal is the fun way to proceed.


But I hope to burst a few blood vessels of the thick and sick ones that are set that target and comply before I go, I'm actually looking forward to it




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