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So what is going to cause the deaths this winter to justify the Green Pass?


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I cannot quite get my head around how they are going to get the excess deaths needed to justify the green pass. Obviously the deaths have to be much worse than last winter for their scam to work.

I am thinking that if people who have been jabbed get the flu then their immune system will turn on them which will kill some,  make others seriously ill, some disabled etc.


OR is it just the jab itself that will do the job? If it is just the jab then how will the deaths all come this winter when people have been jabbed over months and months?


Would live to read what people think will happen. As I say, can’t quite get my head around how this will play out over next few months to get the excess deaths they so clearly need.

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The groundwork is beginning,the news is building the "emerging supercold" narrative which will be used to explain the increasing vaxed deaths.


Expect the sneaky announcement for mandatory passports under cover of the Christmas Holidays,around the Winter Solstice,Dec 21/22.

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The vaccine manufacturers have admitted the vaccines contain AIDS for which there is no cure, except death that's the only way it is going to end. Aids will weaken you from day one so make you vunerable to any disease that comes your way. Ofcourse all the heavy metals nano graphene and poisons in there won't do you much good either. As usual all deaths to be labelled as supercovid and used as excuses for more lockdown, wearing three masks at a time, and having to shove a toxic swab up your arse on  a daily basis. that's right, daily tests to prove you are not infected, if the tests say you are infected then off to the covid concentration camps with you.

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