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Should I buy a plug-in hybrid car?

Golden Retriever

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4 minutes ago, pi3141 said:

Had a quick look at Fiat Hybrid system, they're calling it a 'Mild' system.


It appears to have a small motor and battery that aids acceleration and Stop/Start technology. It doesn't seem like you can use the car in EV mode, its just the electric motor adds a bit of clean power when you accelerate and so reduces emissions. Fiat claim it reduces by 20% thats probably an 'Ideal' figure and real world figure might be less.


If the 500X has the same mild hybrid system as the Panda then it looks to me to be a gimmick really and not particulary green.  


Thanks for all your information on this thread. The likes have expired again!

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To answer your question, you need to understand that hybrid cars are more expensive than cars with internal combustion engines. However, in a few years of hybrid operation, the higher cost will more than pay for itself. The second minus is the price of repairs. The battery replacement is the most expensive, and the engine's power alone will not be enough for a full ride. Therefore, if you want to buy such a car, you will undoubtedly benefit from its use. This is especially true for long distances. Tell me, when have you ever used a hybrid before? I think after regular fuel, you will feel the difference.

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I indulged in an electric car. I got a Tesla Model 3 performance. Got it for the speed not environmental cred and have had the car for 3 years. What i can say is that in our climate during the winter EV's are completely rubbish. My "stated" range is 302 miles on a full charge. I have never achieved more than 220 even taking great care. In winter I can be 100 miles to a charge and thats with a 90kwh battery couldn't imagine these cars with much smaller batteries. I used the Tesla for 1 long trip and vowed never again thankfully I have a second diesel car. Won't be getting another electric car. TBH the technology being added to modern cars scare me we really are heading for a world where even your car could be programmed not to allow you to travel certain distances/places etc. Cameras that can read road signs will lead to cars refusing to allow you go above speed limits etc. Cars will go back to being for the rich. The middle might get to have a car but will be restricted to how they can use it IMHO.

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On 10/12/2022 at 1:37 PM, Golden Retriever said:



I might need that money for food. Not kidding ya.



l know that feeling..  :O(
Still running an old banger then ?  :O)
The way electricity is going - 'normal cars' are the way to go ATM.

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An electric car might be okay for me at the moment but in the not too distant future i may have to drive long journeys. Do they make the leads long enough? At the moment i could plug it into my extension lead but what if i wanted to travel to London to scotland? 

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Get everyone thinking they need to get an EV through sexy ads and climate bollocks propaganda.


Raise petrol prices + create petrol shortage.


Get everyone thinking they have no alternative but to switch to an EV.


Drop petrol prices back down. Hike electricity prices to crazy levels.


All the new EV owners are fucked.


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On 10/15/2021 at 1:38 PM, Golden Retriever said:

I am thinking of replacing my 18 year old car with a newer one, maybe a model from 2019


I believe from 2030 in the EU and UK, no more new petrol cars will be produced.


I reckon with all this climate change bollocks, people owning petrol or diesel cars in the

not too distant future will be hammered with "green taxes", so I am considering a plug-in hybrid.


What do members think?

I bought an electric car, and I thought that that had cost me an arm and a leg, NOPE it was 'as cheap as chips' compared to the cost of a 500 miles long extension lead!1738882605_ecar.png.93acce8d8ded6a9aaa60fff92b42b455.png

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