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What are the consequences of taking the mark of the beast?


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I can’t seem to find the answer to what happens to those who take the mark, and what happens to those who don’t? 


Some speculate that jabs are the mark, and if it’s not that, they’ve got microchips lined up as Aaron Russo described, ID2020, etc, we can see what’s planned

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On 10/11/2021 at 5:33 AM, Seeker said:

I can’t seem to find the answer to what happens to those who take the mark, and what happens to those who don’t? 



Someone recently pointed out to me that the mark is something 'sinful' and that there is choice in taking it; I thought the vaccines will be the mark, since it is required of rich and poor as the mark will be, however, this idea of it being sinful is new to me - it means that the vaccine is not the mark. I read the verse again and I don't see how it is something sinful, it is something that will be required of everyone, like the vaccine. Eventually no one will be able to escape getting vaccinated and everyone will be marked or be killed. 

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Yeah, it's the injections and the limitations imposed on those that refuse. Whether they(injections) actually have the effect they want is unknown, other than the adverse reactions reported so far.

They want the shit for mind-control. They want to acccess the brain and trigger (body)sensations and feelings remotely with emf. An attempted kill switch(frequency) is probably involved. What they want is to kill a large percent and repeatedly blame it on "pandemic", moving towards 2030.

What it is is a "reorganization", and elimination of "excess slaves" and "malcontents". It's "strictly business, never personal".


Revelations and apcolypse is about revealing the underlying nature of the illusion. Awareness of this comes through openess to Truth and feeling, the feeling that is sourced not from this world but felt "in the heart", as David has communicated to "open our heart to and with Love"( The Truth within). That leads to wake up and restoring communication with that Source beyond and not fooled or bound by this illusion.Then one has the ticket out. EgoMatrix. They want to subvert and substitute, offer a counterfeit copy of that. They already have(psychically--little ego to larger), but the wake-up continues, so it got the idea to materialize/externalize what has been operating below the surface. It's about ego-continuity= cancer-immortality.

They most certainly will fail. In fact, it's already over in Eternity(Reality).


The Truth Erases "karma".




time is speeding up

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