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To be honest I have lost faith in this. Yet another table, with people sat around talking to a computer screen.


Why are we not getting any updates on actual court proceedings? Nothing at all! The last video I watched showed Fuellmich saying we would be seeing some results in weeks.....I think that was around 3 months ago?!? Nothing since?!? No updates, no explanations.......NOTHING! 


This stuff is just giving people false hope, who might otherwise act differently if they were not 'relying' or rather 'WAITING' on Fuellmich.


I have said on this forum on more than one occasion this needs to be addressed by David and/or Gareth. What do they think? Will Fuellmich be interviewed by Gareth and Gareth ask some tough questions? Please!!!!


As I see it if this is not addressed then it is working as a tactic by the cult (if indeed that what it is) and certain people's silence is putting us all at a disadvantage and playing right into 'their' hands.


Please, Please David or Gareth tackle this subject (hopefully word will get to you).....if you know a reason as to why we are not getting regular updates by Fuellmich or his team then let us know. If you're dubious let us know. Please just let us know your thought on this.




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Reiner Fuellmich is just another government talking head. "Everything will be all right" just wait 


and wait... and wait... and wait...


Then, when half the world are dead, like Treurnicht, he'll die and soon be forgotten. All he is to the Cabal is a useful idiot to keep people quiet and 'peacefully protesting' until it's too late. Then, once he's served his purpose, he'll be put down like a Dr. David Kelley or Princess Di..



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