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Facebook down


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Just now, bamboozooka said:

whistleblower championed by the fake news media. not a real whistleblower then.

she was saying theres not enough censorship at facebook lolz.

Going off Uncle Schwab's new post, this has cyber polygon written all over it. Here comes tighter control of the net. 

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33 minutes ago, DaleP said:


I know what you said. It just someone else is now having  a problem and he/she is probably in the UK.


Interestingly this map shows US and UK could be under attack? Calm in CA.



Those maps are always pretty active, but it's pretty alarming how much the Anglosphere is being attacked.

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3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

dont worry i filled my bath with water for a week when he said water pumps could go down lol


I never bothered as I wash once a month and I had just washed when I heard about it so... no need, I was good for a while. 😄

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6 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Saying that, I can get to the log in homepage, but I don't have an Fb account, so I'm not sure if it's all working.

Just tested it and can confirm that the pile of shite is fully functioning in the UK.

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16 hours ago, Mr H said:

I hope it stays down. Vile platform..........a disservice to humanity - stealing your data and selling it and trying to brain wash and manipulate people. Urrgghhh


Get some nice pictures of cats though!

Its good for communication with old friends throughout the years, however it did make me laugh at people's reactions of that social media platform

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Just now, Shake said:

Its good for communication with old friends throughout the years


Only because of their unwillingness to leave the platform though.


In an ideal world, you could have your friends and family on a more trustworthy platform, but the problem is getting everyone to leave Facebook together. I understand that normies don't want to jump ship alone. It's a tough one.

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1 hour ago, Fifth element said:


Almost certainly connected, regardless of their official denials.


'The company said that a "configuration change" had impacted users globally. It added that the incident was not related to the outage that saw its products taken offline for over six hours earlier this week.'

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