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The Radio Secrets Of DNA

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A fascinating video on the secrets of DNA.

"Very few people know that in the universe there exists unlimited high density/frequency energy, and our human body has the ability to resonate with these energies, it is just not well understood by modern science. In this video we will introduce several very astonishing experiments to explain the problem, and we are going to talk about the virus from a totally different perspective and a little-known way to eliminate it.":



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Ummm...so ... a study out of China, done by Chinese researchers, that asks us to speak certain Chinese words, mindlessly.. without knowing the meaning.


I think it is now high time that such videos are watched with more than a grain of salt.


Too much overload of useless information, all done to keep the masses confused as they jump from one remedy to another. New religions, cults, books, rehashing the same nonsense in some new way....


Anyone who has read David Icke's works or watched any of the several videos about energy and frequencies available by the dozen on Bitchute or YouTube, by now knows very well that we exist in a state of energy...so most such videos start with that premise to draw in the audience.

Once hooked, each youtuber then presents their own unique solution to life's problems.


This video claims that certain Chinese words will kill the virus, so first of all it is falsely claiming that a virus exists. Even if we assume for a second that this virus exists, even then as per real Buddhist teachings, there is nothing to kill.


Moreover, and this is very, very important---the Buddha was not who he is generally understood to be. All our taught history is false. A Buddha is an enlightened man. The Buddha was of a far ancient time in the northern part of the Indian Sub-continent. A copy character and story emerged much later that created a mish mash of religion of Buddhism and even that was modified later. 


Any mantra will do. It is the faith that matters. No need to start speaking Chinese. Unless the NWO elite are promoting this now and want us to..


As for breathing---the Far Eastern languages are very breathy?/ aspiratory? (not sure of the right word), so by that logic, the speakers should be in state of optimum health and bliss and peace. I am sure we will agree that this is not the case. The Chinese people are the most mind-controlled population on the planet and as David Icke says they are the testing ground for what is to be rolled out for the rest of the world.


Controlling your breath or pausing to catch the breath as the lady in the video said, should be done as a matter of course, whichever language one speaks of and even if one is born dumb ie. with a disability. That is what breathing is. The physical act of breathing is a mechanical process. The breath of life that powers this dream world functions at the subtle body level. The physical act will activate what is already there in your mind---that pre-existing quality (conditioning of the mind)  will become strengthened. 


People have to be very careful of what media they consume. Mantra initiation is not a joke and is not done through a random person posting a Chinese study of certain words (which we do not know the meaning or origin of) & claiming to have the power to kill a 'virus' that does not exist. 


The synopsis of the video is misleading. There are no astonishing experiments shown as such and the method is not little known. You breathe in and out without blockage or barrier like masks, and you stay alive and healthy. DI has been saying that as well..No big reveal there..


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It's not that the Chinese are mind controlled. It's they are being held as prisoners and slaves by the CCP government. The CCP government is currently imprisoning, torturing and organ harvesting Falun Dafa practitioners:




Why does the Chinese government see Falun Dafa as such as a threat? It's because it can't bear the thought of millions of people in China awakening spiritually.


Falun Dafa (which is talked about in the latter half of the video) has healed millions of people the world over. In fact a whole book has been written about Falun Dafa's healing and rejuvenating abilities:




This qi gong practice is very powerful and very ancient, only since 1992 has it been given to the secular world as it used to be passed down in secret in a lineage type manner. I practice it myself and the healing effects on both my mind and body have convinced me without question that this practice is both True and benevolent.


More info on the practice can be found here, all books, audio and video recordings are free to download:




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